The problem with Quiverfull isn't in its advocacy of large families …


What’s NLQ Carnival Days, you might ask? It’s arguably the most awesome idea for blog promotion that I’ve ever seen, and while every blog we blogroll is worthy in its own way, No Longer Quivering is one to which you ought to be paying attention, as the teabagger lunatics take over the Republican Party. Vyckie of NLQ started the blog to tell her story of her “escape” from the Quiverfull movement.

The problem with Quiverfull isn’t in its advocacy of large families, it’s in its view of women, and in questions about just how much “free will” is involved with women who become embroiled in its clutches. Kathryn Joyce wrote about Quiverfull, and about Vyckie, back in March, and what emerges is a picture of something akin to any other cult, which presents to troubled young people a sense of belonging, of meaning, of something important, as well as providing a rigid structure that so many troubled young people lack in the chaos of their own families. Cults prey on these kids, and Quiverfull appears to be no different as it lures young women into its web.

Jill Cozzi

Brilliant at Breakfast

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