"… the voices of exited women can not be ignored again"


In the few short months since its launch, No Longer Quivering has become a hub for discussion and critique of the Quiverfull lifestyle and other forms of patriarchal forms of Christianity for both the original authors and the smartly-engaged commenters and contributors.

The personal stories of site founders Vyckie and Laura drew in masses of readers curious or concerned about the role of women within this fundamentalist movement and soon sparked broader discussion of how women fare under the more common forms of gender inequality in conservative Christianity, such as the mainstream promotion of wifely submission and male headship.

While I was researching and reporting Quiverfull, stories of women who had left the movement seemed few and far between. Now, No Longer Quivering has become a resource I recommend to both outsiders hoping to understand how the lifestyle can harm women and to women seeking support in leaving it. For both reasons, No Longer Quivering has become a vitally important blog and assures that the voices of exited women can not be ignored again.

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