"Very brave women …"


No Longer Quivering is an organization by and for very brave women who have lived a life of parallel reality in a country commonly perceived to be the land of the free.

Yet, there is a culture of extremism that skews and twists the Christian Bible, further empowering the males and subjugating the women to extreme servitude and excessive child-bearing. It is truly abuse – spousal abuse & child abuse – and deprives the indoctrinated from joy and a quality of life that is unavailable to them.

This organization is unique and crucial in addressing the questions from those women who have already removed themselves from their misogynist environments, but who now need to feel connected with a community of others who understand their plight.

And it is equally crucial as a landing spot for those who have not yet extricated themselves from the dogma, and duties demanded of them, but may – upon finding Vyckie’s story – find a strength that will change their lives and the lives of their children forever.

NLQ is a service that will contribute to real change in reversing the extremism inspired and ignited by the extreme dominionist theology and the opportunists who perpetuate this sect.

~ Leah L Burton Researcher and Author of Political Dominionism in American Politics www.godsownparty.com/blog

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