Women leaving lifestyles such as these are truly strong, amazing women

by redheadedskeptic


If you haven’t read Vyckie’s story, you should definitely check it out! She and her family participated in the Quiverfull lifestyle for many years before getting out. If you like my story, you’ll definitely like hers. Every time I read a post, I shiver with how so very close I came to falling into this trap. I’ve said before, if the right boy had caught my eye any time from 13-21 (if I hadn’t met and married Bob at 20), I would have succumbed. Even though we weren’t strictly quiverfull, many of the same things she thought and said to her children were the same things said to me. At one point, my mother bought into the quiverfull idea, but not enough to get a reverse tubal ligation. So there are many parallels, even if she lived even more extremely than I did.

Women leaving lifestyles such as these are truly strong, amazing women. Hillary Clinton hasn’t got anything on women who leave abusive marriages, whether the abuse be emotional, verbal, physical, sexual, religious, or any combination of the above. When you tie religion to it, though, I think it makes it so much worse because you aren’t just thinking about how you are going to manage without your husband, but what you are going to tell God when he doesn’t say “Well done, good and faithful servant!” Many fundamentalist women can lose their entire support system, not just their husbands, but family and friends who do not agree with their choices as well.


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