God gave them brains too

Why Michelle Duggar might not be done yet

by Vyckie


The Internet is buzzing with news of the premature birth of Josie Brooklyn Duggar ~ Michelle’s 19th child, who was delivered via emergency c-section last Thursday at only 25 weeks gestation and weighing a mere 1 lb. 6 oz. 

Kate Harding, at Salon.com pointedly asks the question of the hour: Baby No. 19 is born extremely premature; will Michelle’s god ever give the poor woman a break?  Of interest to me, is a comment on Kate’s article: God gave them brains too ~ So why don’t they use them instead of their reproductive organs? Trust in God but use your head, otherwise you are insulting God by behaving as if you have no choice in the matter.

Yep ~ I heard a lot of those sort of comments too ~ especially after my youngest child was delivered via c-section due to partial uterine rupture.  This past week, I did an interview with Mike Munro for the Australian news program “Sunday Night.”  One of the questions Mike asked me was, Why did you keep having babies when it was so dangerous for you?  Did the movement force you to keep having babies?

Well ~ no.  Not exactly.  I’m sure Mr. Munro would have liked a sound-bite response to his question, but I had to slow down and try to explain that it was actually kind of complicated.  Yes, God gave me a brain ~ and I was using it the entire time that I was living the Quiverfull life.  The thing is, I was so committed to the ideal of “trusting the Lord with our family planning” that I found ways to convince myself that pregnancy was not really so dangerous as the doctors were telling me.

Here’s how I explained it in a letter to my uncle when he asked the question: You have been extraordinarily brave in the face of real threats to your health and that of your newborns.  How great was your fear of dying that you would risk it? 

I am actually rather fearless ~ much to the consternation of those who love me.  My mother has pleaded with me more than once not to get pregnant again ~ and poor Warren ~ he is so much more afraid for me than I am.

Anyone who has already been to Hell and has found some good there is unlikely to be terrified of unknown or difficult things. 
And besides ~ mine is a calculated risk.  I know my health could be so much improved if only I didn’t subject myself to continual hardship ~ but I don’t believe that I’m risking my life.  During my last delivery, when my uterus split open and I might have died (but didn’t ~ I think that counts as something more than just good luck) ~ the surgeon, who has liability concerns and is financially motivated not to take any risk with my life, spent almost two hours carefully stitching me back together all neat and tidy.  Why didn’t he just give me a hysterectomy?  He could have done it in ten minutes and made some extra profit.  He’s been my doctor for nearly two decades and he knows how I believe about birth control ~ so he knew full well that if he left me my uterus there’s every possibility that I might put it to use again. I say, future pregnancies couldn’t be all that risky ~ or the doctor, a man in the position to know, would not have taken the risk. To me, this is not the same as blindly putting my trust in doctors and medicine ~ all factors considered, I do have confidence in the surgeon’s assessment of the risk to my life.
Sure, I could die ~ but we all could whether we insulate ourselves from the possibility or not.  

A calculated risk. 

And yes ~ I did get pregnant again after that partial uterine rupture ~ twice.  Both times I miscarried.  As I explained to Mike Munro during the interview, I really didn’t believe that I could die.  Why would the Lord take me when I had a husband who was blind and seven children who all depended on me?

To the Quiverfull brain ~ this makes perfectly good sense.

Michelle has 19 children who need her.  Surely, the Lord knows how many little ones are depending on her ~ surely, it’s His will that she live and continue to love and nurture all those beautiful children whom He has blessed her with.  That’s job security, huh?

“What is madness? To have erroneous perceptions and to reason correctly from them”~ Voltaire

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