Tapati’s Body Image Workshop: Day Two Assignment

by Tapati


Write your body a letter–and allow your body to respond.

I would suggest doing this regularly. You can also apply this technique to any particular body part.

It sounds so simple–and yet it yields so much if you really open yourself up to a dialog. It is modeled after the empty chair type exercises psychology has utilized for years. Can’t talk to your deceased relative? Write a letter or address them in an empty chair or at their grave site. It’s the same principle.

Of course your body is another part of YOU. Yet it is possible for different parts of you to have a dialog. Don’t you do this all the time when you are deciding whether or not to exercise, eat well, or buy that expensive item? We like to imagine the little angel and devil on our shoulder, but it’s really just ourselves talking to ourselves.

You’ll be surprised–I bet–by what your body has to say.

You can choose to share this with the group or not, as you choose, but please at least let me know how it went for you and if you have any questions.

If there is a particular body part you’d like to talk to, one you have the most trouble accepting, it helps also to offer some positive attention to that part of your body. A little extra lotion, a massage, a new garment, something nice. When you take better care of it you might find your heart softening a little. I went so far as to pose nude for an artist friend with my posterior end in full view, and now have a huge drawing on my wall from that viewpoint. :)

Here’s my current example, done right now in real time…my issues are more around my heart health and migraines these days as you can see–

Dear Body,

It’s been awhile since I last talked to you. How’ve you been? I know I’ve been pushing you hard this last week. Did I forget my meds? I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to!

I am trying to get more rest. Don’t you think we’ve mostly been eating pretty good?

I’ll work on it!


Dear Tapati,

I know you try but you have forgotten my meds at times and remember our membership at the pool starts back up this week. I’m depending on you to get us there! I know this workshop is important and the carnival’s going on and your grandsons needed you but I’m pretty fragile here so don’t forget me!

My heart is stressed and I’m fighting off a migraine along with this cough. Slow down and rest up! You know you want to!

You don’t want to make me send you pain as a warning sign and I don’t want to do that to you either.



Dear Body,

You’re right, I know, you’re right. I promise I will get to the pool and take my meds and get some rest.




Tapati McDaniels is a freelance writer who started a forum designed to meet the needs of former Hare Krishna devotees at http://www.gaudiya-repercussions.com.

She is working on a memoir and her personal blog can be found at http://tapati.livejournal.com.

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