“So far …”

by Vyckie

Recently, my friend Heather, who is the pastor at the Salvation Army where I attend church, came over to help with yard work.  As we were pulling up weeds ~ some of which had grown as tall as me ~ my new neighbors, a young couple with a baby boy, came outside to work on their landscaping.

Heather also has young children, and since she’s super friendly, she used the connection as a conversation starter … “How old is your baby?”

“Eight months,” the new mom responded.

Trying to keep the conversation going, Heather added, “I have two kids.”

… which sounded to my ears like an incomplete sentence. 

In my Quiverful Days (Q.D.), whenever we moms of many stated how many children we had, it was always followed by the obligatory, “so far!” 

“We have seven blessings … so far!”

Kind of like the “and Counting” which follows the current Duggar family kid count. 

I told Heather that it sounded so weird to me that she would say, “I have two kids,” and just end her sentence right there ~ it almost sounded to me like someone had slapped a hand over her mouth before she could finish.  After hearing me explain about always adding, “so far!” ~ Heather finished her sentence:

“We have two kids ~ and we’re done!”

Oh ~ the blaspheme! LOL 🙂

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  • LOL! I like that ending to the sentence!

  • I was done after two, also. I had one of each gender and my pregnancies were so hellish that I had no desire to go through another.

    I suppose I’m supposed to mourn all of the never-born children I didn’t get to know…but given my family history of heart disease and the strain on the cardio-vascular system with each pregnancy, I know I did the right thing. Perhaps I’ll connect with those souls in a future life. 🙂

  • Sargassosea

    Heather’s just YAY! all over 🙂

  • Becky P.

    Too funny. Your reaction, that is. You had me guessing when you said that her sentence sounded incomplete…I was trying to guess why. But I should have guessed. It is amazing how those who are like this (QF) feel the need to let other people know the minute they meet them–often by subtle comments just as Vyckie mentioned. It wouldn’t be necessary to add that “so far” unless you are trying to make a point.