OneNewsNow ~ "Pro-Family" Christian newswire: "Birth-control pills are just as damaging as abortion."

“Two Christian family advocates are speaking out against birth-control pills, saying contraception goes against biblical teachings about having families.” ~ OneNewsNow

by Vyckie Garrison

Hat tip to NLQ reader, Tim Williamson of The Blue Frog, for bringing this news item to my attention, saying: Saw this on OneNewsNow, the “news” arm of the AFA (Acting Fundamentally Absurd.)

The Bible and Birth Control

The article details “family advocates,” Geoffrey Botkin’s and Doug Phillips’ Quiverfull ideal “that birth-control pills are just as damaging as abortion.”

“As the fertilized egg tries to implant, it’s not able to do so. And so then, an abortion occurs,” he explains. “The people who [were] behind the creation of the pill back in the 1950s, they knew this, but it was not their concern to preserve the life of a child.”

Phillips warns that without a cultural return to God and God’s teaching, the issue will continue. “Unless we go back to the Bible right now, we will never be able to handle the complex issues that are coming around over the next ten years,” he states.

The Vision Forum Ministries president explains that “our daughters are going to be asked by their physicians whether they want to carry their child or put them in external wombs, which have been created by the scientific community so that women no longer have to carry babies.” He also reports that “we are going to be able to genetically alter and manipulate what our children look like.”

“We are moving in directions called Transhumanism, which is an evolutionary vision to see people move from the natural state that God has created them to some sort of hybrids and higher evolved forms of human beings. The ethical conundrums are simply gargantuan,” Phillips concludes.

Ack ~ !

I used to follow OneNewsNow and reprinted their articles in the “pro-life, pro-family” newspaper that I started to support our family. Back then, it was called AFA News.

The thing is ~ even though Quiverfull is a comparatively small segment of Evangelical Christianity ~ its ideals are making massive inroads into mainstream thought via these “pro-family” organizations such as the American Family Association, Family Research Council, Focus on the Family, etc.

So even though the majority of Christians will have their reasons why they are using birth control or why they are not homeschooling their kids ~ if you ask them what the Bible actually says on the matter ~ most will admit that the truly Godly family would  trust the Lord with their family planning, homeschool, etc.

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  • W. Lotus

    I can do without their definition of “godly”, thank you very much!

  • Donna

    Is “transhumanism” an actual idea or movement? Or did this fellow make it up on the fly because the word sounds ominous and these folks know that creating fear works like a charm to keep the flock obedient? Sometimes it’s really hard to tell. My oldest son is a psychologist and some of the pronouncements these “pro-family” groups come out with have him scratching his head. And checking the DSM-IV.

    The hint of a conspiracy also makes me a bit suspicious (“the people who were behind the creation of the pill back in the 1950’s, they knew this” etc), because when I was attending an AG church, EVERYTHING was a conspiracy, even though in reality none of it actually was. As usual, it’s more of the “us against them”, “danger is everywhere” stuff. Last, but certainly not least, it always seems that the most dangerous stuff of all, indeed, that which will lead to the downfall of humanity, involves women and pregnancy. And, of course, sex.

  • Barbara

    Each time that I read something else on this blog, I think: “It couldn’t get any worse.” But it does.

  • MM


    That is hilarious– and incredibly scary. Hopefully, he gets discredited somehow, because that is a SPECIAL kind of crazy.

  • DR

    Transhumanism is an actual movement to overcome humanity’s natural limitations. To oversimplify, it’s a movement to end disease, disability, and death through the advancement of medicine and technology. There have been valid concerns raised about whether transhumanism’s goals are realistic or ethical, but I doubt Phillips is really at all familiar with the movement or its criticism. When he says there are “ethical conundrums,” I think he just means he’s categorically against any attempt to give humans control over the functions of their own bodies whatsoever, because that would be “playing God.”

  • denelian

    my biggest problem always comes down to: if God(ess) didn’t want us to be able to do X thing [antibiotics; chemotherapy; birth control; abortion; FLY; etc] why are we able to do it? for an Omni-Everything God(dess), wouldn’t it have been easier than breathing to SEE that X was going to happen, and do something to prevent it? [change the laws of thermodynamics that we exploit to fly, for instance]

    that aside, i had a dominate genetic disease that A) means i have been in constant chronic pain my entire life [and i literally do not know what the sensatation of “no pain” feels like] B) causes MULTIPLE other problems aside from pain C) means pregnancy WILL kill me and D) even if i SOMEHOW go into remission long enough to carry a child to term [doubtful, as i’ve NEVER gone into remission] any child i have *WILL* be born with this disease, but probably WORSE.
    the 2things that would HAVE to be actual, established facts that WORK, that would convince me to have children that share my DNA are 1) and “artificial womb/uterus” [so that *I* don’t die] and 2) DNA surgery, to REMOVE the gene that confers this disease.

    oh! – but, those are “EVIL”


  • Lola

    So, aside from the ability to purchase labcoats (, what exactly are Geoff Botkin and Doug Phillips research credentials?

  • Erin

    This is a bit off topic (though probably not that far, considering the degree of obstetrical knowledge displayed), but as soon as I saw that picture, I thought of this:

  • Kristen

    “So even though the majority of Christians will have their reasons why they are using birth control or why they are not homeschooling their kids ~ if you ask them what the Bible actually says on the matter ~ most will admit that the truly Godly family would trust the Lord with their family planning, homeschool, etc.”

    I think this is an exaggeration. Perhaps it is true in some areas of the US, but I personally know of no evangelical Christians (and I know a good many evangelical Christians!) who would say it’s more godly not to use birth control. As for home schooling, though there are a number who would say it’s less godly to put your kids in public schools (though there are disagreements on that), I know of none who would say home schooling is more godly than Christian private schooling.

    By “unless we go back to the Bible right now,” Phillips and his ilk appear to mean, “Unless we return to the cultures of Bible times.” I don’t think they really mean it, because they like to pick and choose which bits of Bible culture to follow and which not to. I don’t see any of them advocating for a return to monarchy and a cessation of all voting rights, for example. They see no reason to return to horses, swords and spears as tools of war. They don’t seem to want to use oxen to thresh their grain either.

    Most Christians I know shake their heads and go on with their lives in the freedom with which Christ set us free.

  • Lola

    Thanks for a good laugh, Erin 🙂

    Sadly, I think it is pretty on target, actually. Sigh.

  • sandee

    Good grief- what a piece of *junk* on AFA…no shock though. Since the primary means of pregnancy prevention for most B/C is preventing fertilization, implantation prevention is secondary and the human body naturally “aborts” many a fertilized embryo.
    While I may have semi-conservative views on abortion… this sort of hogwash is precisely why I am consistently disgusted with the “truth” spouted by prolife factions.

  • Emily

    “our daughters are going to be asked by their physicians whether they want to carry their child or put them in external wombs, which have been created by the scientific community so that women no longer have to carry babies.”

    YES PLEASE! Wait, is this supposed to be a negative thing or a “complex issue”? If nothing else, this guy should be able to figure out that artificial wombs would likely cause a dramatic drop in abortion rates, and save mothers’ lives…

  • Jess

    I found your blog doing google search for the duggars I was looking for the announcement of their 2nd grandchild lol. I have 5 kids and my husband and I are not religious at all, maybe spiritual but as for church,holy rollers, etc. no. We love all of our kids. We also homeschool, because I believe the schools are terrible nowadays (mine went to a DOD school 1 yr, we’re a military family) and we are secular homeschoolers btw!. We just love kids and homeschooling. We may or may not have more kids. I’m a super liberal woman, and I am also a feminist in many ways but I also enjoy being a mom to many kids. I am very sorry for what you went through, I have never understood letting religion run someones life in an abusive manner. I have a grandmother who is super religious like the duggars and I have read some of her religious propoganda before when I was like 12 and I remember at that age thinking WTF this is garbage (heres an example a sheet I found in a bible : long hair on men is considered of the devil, I swear I just cant make this crap up!) I was raised by a single dad and he always taught me to take care of myself and to never depend on a man. He also never forced religion on me or my siblings. I feel really sad that so many people dont have children because they love them, instead for religious reasons. Large families are very rare nowadays anyway. My sister only has one child and my other siblings only have two. I chose to have more but I agree with their reason to have their right number of children and I am glad I had all of mine. My heart goes out to you and your kids, you are a very strong and valuable women. Take care!

  • MetalGoddess

    I just happened upon this while googling random crap as I like to do every so often. Wow, in the future women might have the option of an external womb? I’d say most women would jump at that. Having children without all the physical discomfort that goes along with being pregnant? You bet! LOL!!!! I must say one thing, these people have a very vivid imagination. My boyfriend (who is Catholic while I’m really nothing at all) pointed out that people do genetically alter their kids in a way. They marry someone who they consider physically attractive and therefore that determines the genetic makeup of their kids. I guess that’s why these evangelicals are slobbering at the mouth at being able to force rape victims and incest victims into having babies conceived from a sexual assault. That way they can’t manipulate the genetic makeup of the offspring. I’ve read up on this quiverful stuff and the Duggars and all that. Scary shit. Kind of humorous that old Jim Bob when he was a politician wanted to pass a bill outlawing contraception and then when that didn’t work, he had his very own show on Tee Vee showing us what a barrel of laughs it is to have 20 kids. Woo whee! Apparently this lifestyle is not a barrel of laughs and I commend you for having the strength and fortitude to leave that behind. Abuse, whether physical or mental or spiritual, is wrong on all counts. Good luck to you and definitely will read more.