Listen to Vyckie Garrison on the Snap Out Of It! Show

Living a Godly Life but at a Very High Price – Escape from Spiritual Abuse  This morning (Sept. 28) at 10 a.m. central time, Vyckie will be interviewed Live on the Snap Out Of It! Radio Network with recording artist and inspirational speaker, DeDe Murcer Moffett.

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  • Matt Wardenaar

    The only emotions I feel when I hear this are rage and disbelief. My childhood religion was calvinist and pretty unpleasant, but compared to this story it was wonderful.
    Unfortunately woman are not highly regarded in the bible.
    I was fortunate to be born in Amsterdam, where religion plays a comperatively small roll and when I enrolled in secundary and higher education I was surrounded by atheists and found total relief in the idea that the tyrannical god I grew up with does not exist.