Family Man, Family Leader: The father-god in Lamb’s Wool

by LivingForEternity

My parents were luke-warm to the idea of their grandchildren being home schooled. Desperate for their approval I convinced my mom to attend a state home school convention with me. I had been to one previously and was so impressed with what the people had to say. Like a fool I had bought the books. I had not had time to study them thoroughly, but no matter I had them.

The speakers at that year’s convention were the Denton Family. The mother and father would speak at the general sessions and the breakout ones. Their many children would be in charge of a children’s session. There had to be at least 200 – 300 children attending. There were other teenage helpers, but not many. When I dropped my kids off I thought how in the world will this work. There are so many kids. It worked with only one hiccup that I knew about. Some kid pulled the fire alarm. Want to guess whose it was? Yep it was one of mine.

At the final session all of the children filed quietly on stage and sang several songs. I can still see my angels standing still and singing their little hearts out. All of the kids were so well-behaved. This program was achieved in only one day. I was impressed and so was my mom. Wow, finally my mom’s heart was going in the same direction as mine. I had her approval.

After this I made a beeline to the Denton’s table in the vendor’s area. I wanted what they seemed to have, well behaved, industrious kids. Mr. Denton was the only one at the table. I begin looking at all the books and immediately became overwhelmed with the amount of books. I was dismayed because I could not afford them all. If I could have afforded them I may have never had the “honor and privilege” of being spoken to by Father Denton himself. I needed his help to decide which ones would be the most helpful. Now I must go back in time.

I am college educated with my profession being in the medical field. After my children were born I have only worked part-time. This is a blessing for our family. I am not in a bottom job and frequently consult with other health care professionals on direct patient care. Not only do I ask things of them they come to me. In some situations I am the final say. Men and women treat me with respect and listen to what I say. To dismiss me and what I have to say could result in someone’s death. Now, back to Father Denton.

I begin to pick up some of the books, but did not have a clue as to which one would help me achieve the “perfect family”. While asking questions of Father Denton, he would not even look at me. It was as if I was nasty and not someone he would ever be seen talking to. He would answer my questions as briefly as possible. He never gave any details only brief answers to direct questions.  He would move to the other end of the table away from me even if no one was there. However, I was persistent and I had chosen some of the books. I totally and foolishly ignored the way he was treating me. I figured it was just his personality.

Then a man walked up to the table. You would have thought it was the president himself. It was obvious Father Denton did not know this man, but he was falling all over himself trying to help him. Now, since someone else was there he was totally ignoring me. I let this pass and bought the poison. I was still high on my babies standing so still singing like angels. Took the poison home and swallowed it.

Where was my husband? He was working. But believe me I filled his ears full of the wonderful convention. I did leave out the little detail about the chauvinistic Father Denton. I wanted him to be enthusiastic also. His opinion at this time seemed to be, “whatever you want to do dear, home school, public school just make sure they are educated”.

So why do I call him a father-god? In Ephesians 5:24 it states, “For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ also is the head of the church.” This has somehow morphed into the father being the priest or even the god of the family. In ancient times once a year a priest was responsible for going into the Holy of Holies and making a sacrifice to atone for the sins of the people. He had better get it right or else. A lot of people were depending on him. A priest-father has a lot riding on his shoulders. The sad thing is that he doesn’t have to bear this weight. We have a perfect high priest, the only one needed, Jesus.

The father-god of the family has to make all the right choices or else his family will be a wreck. Throw in the verse about submission and seeds of tyranny are sown. What father wants his children to go a stray? He must control everything or it could all go wrong. The tyranny develops when the father-god cannot be perfect or sovereign as only the heavenly Father can be.

Another trap we all fall prey to is; the desire to have honor, glory, and power. We would like to be worshipped and honored, but that is reserved for God and Him alone.  I believe Father Denton had “achieved” this in his kingdom home. As a woman I was a second class citizen in his kingdom, therefore, I was not worthy of respect or attention.

A certain angel who wanted to ascend to the throne of God, to be god and be worshiped was severely punished.  He got chunked out of heaven. I believe a lot of father-gods are getting chunked out of their heavens as evidenced by this board. No human is worthy or deserving of worship. When mere men try to be God they really mess things up. That is why patriarchy can’t work, because men are trying to be God.

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