NLQ Open Thread: Sorry to be so quiet …

Hi, Everyone ~ just wanted to let you all know that I have not been doing so great lately which is why it’s been so quiet here and on the forum.I’ve had an almost-perpetual headache that won’t leave me alone. So I’m just trying to keep up with everyday stuff ~ and I really don’t have the energy or presence of mind for it. Ugh ~ I really hate when my physical stuff interferes with my ability to think.

On Thursday, I had a “minor procedure” ~ to remove a suspicious mole from my breast ~ it wasn’t really a big deal ~ except that now I have a lesion which is uncomfortable and itchy and distracting.

Last night, we had Heather and her family over for dinner ~ just a few minutes before they arrived, Andrew came home from the YMCA with a broken wrist. Ugh. He didn’t need a cast ~ but the fracture is on his left wrist and he is left handed ~ so it’s hard for him cuz he naturally wants to use that hand and when he does ~ it hurts. Sad

It was so weird looking at Andrew’s x-rays. I have looked at hundreds of x-rays ~ all of them from Berea, Chasse and Hazelle (and myself, of course) who have this bone condition ~ so the bones are always covered with cauliflower-shaped bumps. Andrew’s bones are so straight and smooth ~ it was easy to spot the fracture cuz it was the only dark spot on an otherwise perfectly white bone. On the girls’ x-rays, there are so many abnormalities ~ we’d have had to really study the films to figure out what was “normal” bone spur stuff and find a break. The contrast just kind of freaked me out ~ I realized how accustomed I am to seeing bumpy bones on x-rays ~ and now I think I understand why the doctors that I first took Chasse to were so fascinated by her x-rays. I’m glad that I took their interest as an indication that those doctors didn’t have much experience with this bone condition ~ and so sought out a facility where the doctors see these lumpy, bumpy x-rays all the time and were not impressed with Chasse’s x-rays at all.

Anyway ~ I don’t know why I wrote all that. It just got me thinking that it’s possible to be so used to abnormal, deformed stuff ~ that when you encounter the healthy and normal ~ it seems bizarre.

Hopefully, I’ll be back to posting soon. We have planned three more installments in the Steadfast Daughters series: KR Wordgazer is working on a piece about Legalism ~ Daisy will be writing about “Own Your Own Stuff” ~ and I am going to conclude the series with “Spiritual Abuse.”

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  • I’m sorry for all your troubles. I pray you’ll be feeling better soon.
    That is a valuable insight about the abnormal looking normal and vice versa.

  • Donna

    So very sorry to hear about your difficulties! I get crushing, monster headaches that don’t seem to go away, so you have my complete sympathy. Take it easy and don’t stress out (ha! ha! easier said than done) and you’ll be yourself again soon. Best to all and a very happy, prosperous 2011!

  • AmyHasHope

    I’m so happy to “read” your voice again! I’ve been reading/lurking here for quite some time and have learned SO much. You and yours will be in my (own brand of) prayers tonight. You will conquer this just as you have so much else! I am also truly looking forward to the next installments of Steadfast Daughters. Blessed be  .


    Hi Vyckie,

    I’m so sorry that you haven’t been feeling well! I look forward to your next installment.



  • Hi. I hope this doesn’t end up being a double post, but I think something didn’t go through when I tried to submit my earlier comment.

    I just wanted to let you know I’ve been lurking here for awhile, and I’m so glad that there are more updates coming (though I’m very sorry at all the troubles you are experiencing in the meanwhile). I also wanted to beg a favor. I would like very much to link NLQ on a blog entry I’m writing. (The topic is mom-bloggers who have inspired me.) It is a Christian blog, but not aggressively or abusively so (it hurts that I have to make that distinction).

    Anyway, I included the URL in the comment form, if you would like to visit it before you decide if you’ll grant me permission. Thanks.

  • Jennifer

    DANG! Missing you around here, Vyckie! But please take care of yourself. You are appreciated.

  • Hang in there, Vyckie.