NLQ Open Thread: Dear Woman


The recently-released video, “Dear Woman,” is based on the “Manifesto for Conscious Men,” a collectively-written document from a number of men who feel that a new definition of masculinity can help redress the imbalances of patriarchy and welcome a new era of loving appreciation between men and women. A group of these men speak from the heart and offer a collective apology, on behalf of their gender, for past abuses of men against women.

What do you think?  Comment on the NLQ forum ~ or share your views below.

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  • As I watched this video, I was thinking, “This is what I wish men could really understand!” ~ but even though they’re saying all the right words, acknowledging real abuses and inequalites ~ it’s hard for me to take these men seriously because they’re, well … men.

    I know it’s sad that I can’t bring myself to believe the men could really “get it” and make real, positive changes ~ guess that’s a side effect of having lived under patriarchy for so many years. 🙁

  • Mara

    Men like this do exist, Vyckie. The problem is that they are few and far between. And so many other men mock them and despise them for being weak.

    The words of the men in this video are powerful and liberating.

    But too many men prefer the false safety of the dark of their unconscious. They prefer the bricks and mortar of their own pride and self-preserving fear/anger to the open spaces and brilliant light of true freedom.

    I thought it was beautiful even as I thought how pitifully it would be despised by the majority of men.

  • ixo

    It’s sexist.

    David spells out nicely what exactly is wrong with it:

  • I have to agree with ixo. All these guys are doing is lumping all women into these helpless soft “feminine” gentle beings. We are a whole lot more than that.

  • Celestine

    OK, first off, I did not watch the whole video. My problem with this is that it continues to separate men and women as inherently different/opposite. True equality and equal treatment comes when men and women view each other first as human beings, part of the same species, rather than adopting yet another version of the venus/mars bs.

    There are certainly physcial experiences that men and women don’t share because of their sex. But too often gender differences focus on character and intellect, which is demeaning and and hurts people of both sexes.

    Quite frankly, is there really a difference between these dudes “worshipping feminine energy” and the patriarchal idea of a “women’s realm”?

  • Celestine

    Oh, thanks for the link, ixo. Great site!

  • cjmr

    Even the language they use is not recognizing just how gender-privileged they are in society.

    I spent the whole thing thinking “What gives YOU the right to…”