You Like?

by Vyckie

No Longer Quivering has been long overdue for a makeover – don’t you agree?

For the past few weeks, I have been working on a new design for NLQ.  I have been going through each and every post – editing categories, tags, pictures, etc. in order to clean up and organize.  I eliminated over 100 posts which were just cluttering the site – plus, I finished up all of the authors’ pages to make navigation less of a headache. Yay.

I found a WordPress theme that I love because it’s super easy to use and it looks semi-professional.  I didn’t really want to use butterflies for the header pic – but after trying out at least a hundred different ideas, finally decided I like the colors and the “cheery” feel to these particular butterflies – so there you go.  :)

Please let me know what you think.  I’d like feedback regarding the theme, layout, navigation, sidebar widgets, …. whatever.  I am open to suggestions – so please be specific in your critiques of No Longer Quivering’s new look.

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Quiverfull: Inside the Christian Patriarchy Movement‘ by Kathryn Joyce


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  • africaturtle

    i love the colors, navigation seems to be easy. I like the size of the title and header. (i happened to click in last night when there was a picture of a forest up with light shining through…i thought “wow, I LIKE that!” …but i like the butterflies too! :) It is hard to make all those graphic decisions like that! Only the shadow on the sub-title (“there is no you…”) makes it a little hard on the eye.

    My first thought (critque) was regarding the author names on each article…they run right into the text/share the same line as the body of the text. I would put them on the same line as the title or set them off in bold or a smaller font, if they need to stay on the same line as the body of the text.

    One other suggestion, I decided to go through the YouTUbe playlist last night and listen to some of the videos towards the end that I hadn’t checked out before… While the first one (with lots of historical quotes) was quite enlightening, I found a couple of them (esp towards the end) to be overly vulgar/sarcastic, and wondered if you had thought about updating the playlist as well. The main two I was put off by was the one about michael pearl and the one done by Angie the anti-theist. I can understand the veiws being expressed but think that if we want to remain readable and relevant to the largest possible audience that some of the videos are unnecessarily offensive (The Mr Diety ones are kinda borderline too for someone who is still Christian, imo …though they draw out some interresting critiques as well)

    I can’t immagine how many hours all this has taken you… i like how “neat and clean” it feels and yeah, it’s just fun to change things up from time to time! :)

  • nolongerquivering

    Thanks for your comments, AT :)

    The thing with the authors’ name running into the article: it’s only on the front page and it is because for some reason (which I haven’t figured out yet) the paragraph formatting gets lost in the excerpts. I’ll keep looking for a way to make the boxes display the line breaks.

    Also, thanks for bringing my attention to the YouTube playlist – I hadn’t looked at it in a while. I’ve deleted the two videos you mentioned and will go through the entire list later to see how else it might be improved.

    If anyone has suggestions for videos which should be included, please post a link here.

    Glad you like the look of it!


  • Susanna

    The overall layout and aesthetics are great. My nitpick: The header/title misspells “quivering” (the u is missing). Is that intentional (since there is no “u” in quiverfull)? :)

  • nolongerquivering

    Susanna – yes, the misspelling is deliberate to make a point about the absolute self-abnegation required of Quiverfull women.


  • Susanna

    Got it! :) Totally makes sense now that I know it’s intentional.

  • Sargasso Sea

    Well, if my opinion counts for anything I think it looks lovely, dahling! And it’s purple too! :)

    (btw – my contact info has changed because our new puppy ate my phone! pleeeease send me an email/pm?)

  • Mom of 2 in GA

    Love the makeover! Brighter, cleaner, more organized!

  • B5SnowDog

    Everything looks great but I do have one quibble – there’s a floating share button that is really obtrusive. It’s located in the bottom left corner of the screen. I think it would be better if it were in a fixed position along with the Twitter and Facebook buttons.

  • jen

    I actually like the floating share button, because I don’t have to go hunting for it…

  • Emily

    This might not be fixable, and it’s a problem that would effect very few people, so if it’s not an easy fix don’t worry about it :)

    I am visually impaired and use the zoom feature on the web browser to read the page. For me, it’s actually quite bad. It’s mostly readable, but the second column is larger than the first! It’s being kept at a default size, the third is being pushed off screen with a scrollbar which is fine, that’s exactly what it should do, and the first column with the actual posts gets smaller as I zoom until I get to a very high zoom level where it hits a limit and starts getting wider. Is there a way to keep a forced width to the first column so it scales larger when zoomed? There’s also this weird floating share buttom in the middle of the screen lol, but I can’t think of a fix for that.

    In case it’s relevant to recreate it, I’m using firefox, using the ctrl+/- zoom feature, and am running 1024×768 resolution.

    As for the design itself, looks good! When I zoom out it looks very orderly, yay butterflies! I am happy to hear about the behind-the-scenes organisation and tags and things.

  • nolongerquivering

    Emily – I’m playing around with the settings. Also, trying to enlarge the default font. Thanks for your input. :)

  • M.

    I am experiencing the same problem (visually impaired too). The colour contrast (bright colours) also makes it difficult to see the webpage properly. :(

  • n.

    i have the same problem with the columns. if you could provide a “print version” feature (not sure how hard that is?), often those let you see the article full-screen and zoom it properly. some of your readers might be kind of ADD or otherwise easily distracted like me, and have a hard time reading things with attention when other things next to them are quite “busy”-looking. at least it doesn’t have animations. also i don’t want to be totally critical… the page is nice looking generally. i am only a first-time visitor, but i would read here more if the column thing were fixed.

  • nolongerquivering

    I’ve added a Print / PDF plug-in – please let me know if this helps. :)

  • Nicole

    I LOVE the butterflies myself. I liek how easily navigable the site is. My one problem is that when I click on a blog post title, I sort of expected it to open up wider on the new page. It seems a little odd that it stays at that narrow width through the course of the post. Especially when you consdier that after all the navigation at the top is scrolled past there is blank space here. It is very pretty though.

  • Flora

    I like the new look, but a few minor quibbles: the colours in the header are a little difficult to read, especially the “quivering” in the sub header. Also, you’ve missed a U in the site title that is driving me rather batty! Typos make me neurotic, ha ha.

  • nolongerquivering

    Flora ~ the misspelling of “Quivering” in the title is deliberate – the subtitle explains why we left out the U. :)

  • Former QF mama

    Love it!!!!

  • mwigdahl

    The new theme looks very nice!

  • Michelle

    I like some of the things you’ve done organizationally. You’ve got a lot of content to work with.

    I do find the design of the main page to be visually overwhelming: My eyes aren’t sure where they should focus. But then, I tend toward minimalism, myself.

  • Joolz

    The floating “share” button is really, really, really annoying. I read most blogs on a netbook and because of the small screen size this button is incredibly obtrusive as it makes the bottom quarter of my screen unreadable. It’s even more annoying because it performs no useful function for me – I am not someone who would ever have a use for the button so it is just an irritation.


  • nolongerquivering

    The floating Share button is gone – yay!

  • Joanne

    It’s wonderful that you’ve fixed up the site, but the layout is actually worse! Can you manage to arrange it so the first column (where the content is) is the largest? Or can you arrange it so that the stories open in a second window, where they’re full screen?

    As it is now, the stories (why I come here) are really, really hard to read.

  • nolongerquivering

    Just a quick note to let readers know that I’m paying attention to these comments and suggestion – still tweaking the new layout. I am taking the weekend off to be with the kids – hopefully, will be back at it Monday. I’ll get rid of the floating share button, increase the font size, etc. :) Thanks for your patience – I appreciate the feedback. :)

  • Mary

    I really think you should either put the “u” back into “Qivering” in the title, or change the subtitle to “There is to ‘u’ in ‘Quivering.’ I am a writer, and and inconsistencies like that are totally distracting. Also, where you see “Qivering” in other locations on the site without the subtitle, it looks like an error each time. It seems like there are better ways to get the idea across, without the affectation of the missing “u,” which confuses and distracts. Also, you want people who are looking up information about the Quiverfull counter-movement to find your site, and misspelling the word might impact that. But I like your site and appreciate your mission. And I love your comment about how you would have sat up straight, worn some jewelry and fixed your hair if you’d known your interview was going to air on uTube. Funny! Good luck.