Michelle Duggar on Overpopulation …


In less than three minutes, Michelle Duggar spouts the entire Quiverfull party line on overpopulation.

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  • OMG! That Jacksonville line!!!!!!!!!! ROTFLOL! That’s a direct quote from the IBLP Basic Seminar. Bill Gothard was saying that crap in 1987!!! And she’s still parroting it in 2012.

    A few more people have shown up since then. Also, try living shoulder to shoulder.

  • rebecca field

    oh.my.god. These people are incredibly ignorant. And obviously have never been to China or India.

  • bert

    She keep shifting her eyes to the right which meaqns she is lying or doesn’t believe what she is saying

  • Steve

    When someone tells you something as ridiculous as the Jacksonville line, an effective response is that you do’t think people should live in feed lots eating Soylent Green and how come they do? Or how about “Well, how much room would it take if everyone has enough to squat when they defecate?” Or, “Will we get hosed down at least once a day? Its getting kind of ripe.” “Is it okay is I lay my head on my neighbor’s shoulder to get a little shut eye, even if they are the same sex?” You get the idea. Have fun.

  • Michael Busch

    Or maybe there’s a cue card or a person off to that side of the camera. That’s not specific enough of an expression.

    It might be instructive to get Dr. Paul Ekman & company to do a microexpression analysis on the video; but even that has very strict limits as a lie detector.

  • Kat

    Is it wrong that I get the feeling Michelle Duggar has never grown beyond the mentality of a child (I mean emotionally/psychologically, not IQ-wise)? She even speaks like one, in an unnaturally high, cutesy girl-voice.

    Also, “there can never be enough children in the world”? Even if there’s far too many for the adults of the world to properly care for and many end up neglected or worse? Sorry Michelle, but loving children involves more than just thinking they’re cute and fun and getting emotional gratification from them – you have to actually consider their needs and welfare, ya know.

  • Amy Ruth Blue

    ‎”The entire population of the world, if they were stood shoulder to shoulder, could fit in the city limits of Jacksonville.” okay, so assuming there are 6 billion people who are only 12 inches across, you’d need 1,136,364 miles to stand them all shoulder to shoulder. sorry honey, Jacksonville just ain’t that big.

  • shadowspring

    Thanks for the math lesson, Amy1 =D

  • africaturtle

    i think the idea isn’t standing in a “straight” line but based on a square yard average…these calculations are all spelled out in Rick and Jan Hess’s book “A Full Quiver”. They also caluclate how much room it would take to give everyone comfortable living area and could still fit everyone in the world in the state of Texas or with even larger paramaters within the confines of 4 western states of the US. I personally have been interrested for a long time in REDOING these calculations to see where we are at currently since the global population expands exponentially each year and yes, these figures are now quite dated…I started but not being a math wiz, was quickly in over my head with such large numbers….

  • africaturtle

    i think the point is that if there is STANDING room for the entire world population in ONE U.S. city then there is certainly LIVING room for everyone spread out over the surface of the earth. What i have often heard said (in Christian circles) is that the world is not overpopulated but certain regions are OVERCROWDED… I have no desire to use this line of logic to defend QF philosophy but sometimes i do wonder who is “right” in the overpopulation argument.

  • Ashleyfurcinite

    Some of you people need to give them a break. Who cares how many kids she and her husband have. I watch the show and theyre kids look well taken care of to me. The world is no where near over populated. They seem to be an extremely resourceful family,more so than many family’s with just two kids. This is just another example of people putting theyre noses where it don’t belong! It’s like this, the world is diverse for some many reasons, race, sex, religion, poor, rich, teachers, mechanics, small families, big families etc…. This is there decision… Let it be!!!!!

  • I’m quite good with sums, but I do not know what a livable per-person area is. I know I can do do with a small apartmant, but I also know that in order to feed me, some farmers elsewhere have to keep cattle and grow fruit, which I cannot do in my apartment.

    What is really the minimum livable space per family, if food production needs are counted too, and the need for hospitals, business space, etc.?

    And how much of the world is desirable living space? In Egypt, for example, most of the dessert is so hard on people that almost everyone lives within 5 miles of the Nile (there are towns around a few oasis’s too), while more than 90% of the country is unused.

  • LG61820

    Here’s the thing. I love some of Michelle’s thinking about how to discipline a child, how to smile at a child and be loving toward a child. Watching and listening to her has helped me with a somewhat difficult grandchild.

    Where I get riled up is the Duggar refusal to consider that they are using more of the earth’s resources than their fair share when they have so many descendents. Their house is bigger, requires more energy to heat and cool than if they had simply replaced themselves instead of trying to dominate their small county with future voters. They require more vehicles than the average family, more beef, more diapers, more everything.

    As a parent of children who were older adoptees (6 years old average) I daresay that the Duggars would have limited the size of their family had they chosen to adopt children & try to indoctrinate them into their beliefs instead of having baby after baby after baby.

    I don’t think many viewers of their show realize that this is a political movement as much or more so than a religious movement. . . breed enough conservatives and you can control some elections. Scary.

    I enjoy watching the Duggars & the Bates. I’m following the blog of a quiverful family who lives & travels in an RV and I enjoy that a great deal. However, I take it as a fairytale and don’t believe that real life is how it is portrayed publicly by these folks.


  • Bill

    The Mother Theresa quote is particularily evil/stupid. I’ve been to India and wish this Duggar fool had to live on the street like millions of children do there. Children are not ‘like flowers’. Flowers require no real resources to survive, Children do. Im not sure if this woman is evil or just so stupid as to be incapable of thought.

  • kariface

    When people talk about overpopulation, they are talking about resources, not space. Even if it’s true that 6 and a half billion people can fit into one city, that doesn’t mean that there are enough resources in that city to sustain that many people.

  • Jessica

    “Kids look to be well taken care of to me”, taken care of by whom? Certainly not their mother. The younger kids are assigned to an older child. An older CHILD is doing the parenting that should be done by Michelle Dugger. She does not have the time to raise her own children because she has so dang many of them.They shop at thrift stores? Good for them! I still want to know how their huge home was pain for, who paid for their outrageous trip to Disney World and everywhere else they’ve gone. And to say the world’s population could fit into Jacksonville is absurd. I don’t see how she can truly believe that. Her girls are being raised to be little more than unthinking, submissive breeding stock.

  • One of the ironies of the children being raised by siblings thing is that Vision Forum actually teaches that one of the reasons children should not go to school, is to be socialized by adults and not children.

    Patriarchy string together 2 Proverbs verses: “Foolishness is bound up in the heart of the child” + “do not keep company with fools” = don’t leave your child with his peer group.

    But if children are fools, and older children are children (even unmarried adult daughters should follow “children, obey your parents” so they do regard even adults as children)then letting a sibling raise your child is even worse than leaving them with a married schoolteacher for part of the day.

    At least. that is how I see it.

  • Maggie

    White people are a dying breed. Good for her for doing her bit to keep the race going. Tell India and South America to have less kids.

  • What makes white people so special that we, and not latin or indian people, should increase?

  • SisiL78

    Hey Michelle,
    YOU can live standing shoulder to shoulder.
    Doesn’t it take land and resources to feed that population? You are an uneducated twit with no intellectual curiosity. But you think you have a real opinion on the subject? Geez.

    Furthermore, for you to buy used someone has to buy new and use it. DUH!!!!

    As for the lack of marriage partners in some countries is the result of infanticide and the abortion of girls only in some backwards countries. This is not due to lack of children, but due to the selection of boys over girls. As someone who sees her girls only value as housekeepers and nannies (because dear Michelle hasn’t lifted a finger in years) she’s not exactly setting a good example.

  • Pete

    If the Duggar children honor their parents by following their example, Jim Bob and Michelle will have 361 grandchildren, then, in the Duggar tradition: 6,859 great grand children. It won’t take many generations before they need their own planet. I hope we’ve found another one by then because we as a species may have to cede them this one.
    Planet Duggar?

  • Its morally wrong to not care about the planet, resources, animals and environment. If people choose to have that many children for the fun of it, then you’re being selfish. We only have so much to care for everyone and everything. THINK ABOUT IT!

  • Bethany B

    7 billion people as of last October 😀

  • Cindy

    Sometimes her and Jim Bob come across so backwards and undereducated / she has no idea of the impact and carbon footprints that her brood leaves in this world because she hasn’t and won’t ever research even a little bit of common sense economics! As long as they can justify their wants with catchy talking points like the ‘stood shoulder to shoulder in Jacksonville’ befuddling statement of facts not in evidence, it’s enough for Duggar fans and the like-minded. I am embarrassed how they advertise themselves as so frugal when you think about how much of their way is paid by TLC and advertisers! So what, they buy second-handed??? Who paid for the whole family and crew to fly to Europe and Israel back last fall? Who pays for when one of their children was prematurely born and had to stay for months at Arkansas Children’s Hospital? The answer to the last question is insured people all across this country, folks. That’s hardly the zero impact she claims!

  • Wrenn

    If you really want to know who’s right, you have to do the math.

    First you take the world’s population.

    Second you take the world’s arable land mass. (Because, you have to FEED the people. ) Because it’s not a matter of ‘will they fit’ it’s a matter of ‘can they be sustained’. Fed, clothed, housed…

    But it really all comes down to ‘can they be fed’.

    Then you study agricultural documents (or sites online) to figure out how much arable land is required to sustain a person, year round. Feed them.

    Then do the math.

    Which is where I found that we are rapidly reaching unsustainable levels.

    As far as the whole ‘certain areas are overcrowded’ yes. That is true. But these people can’t, as Sam Kinison once said ‘Move to where the food is’. Other people won’t let them.

    As for Jacksonville FL? The city size is 2264 km sq. When you convert that to meters sq you get 2,264,000,000 sq meters.

    World population is 6,840,507,000 or so you get .33097. So yes, you can fit the world’s population inside Jacksonville FL. Three people per sq meter. A sq meter is slightly less than a sq yard.

    But you can’t live that way.

  • GodisGood

    Shes right.The world is not overpopulated Its a lie for the mouths of special interest groups to advocate murder.I applaud her and her husband.Well done God bless you both

  • Bill Mayes

    the Duggars …20 children and exactly 0 of them adopted. They are narcissistic, hypocritical frauds who have found a lapdog audience of unthinking religous people to impress with their idiotic beliefs.

  • Madamoyzelle

    Yup. For my part, I always wondered where they think the poop goes.

  • vigilant

    So sad that people accuse the Duggars of being in a cult and even make fun of them. There are Satanist cults all over the media . Everyday we are bombarded with Satanic symbolism. These people are raising their kids to be respectable people and to look out for family and others. People rather watch children and women be exploited on shows like Toddlers and Tiaras, Basketball wives and Jersey Shore. They rather see men as idiots that sit on the couch all day instead of seeing a strong rspectful Christian man. smh…. Even if you are not a Christian (which I pray you get saved before its to late), what is wrong with having morals instead of being a loud mouth, drunken, drug addicted slut or a meathead little boy that sleeps all day and parties all night. wake up people