NLQ Featured Writer: Latebloomer

Setting up the No Longer Quivering website here at our new location on Patheos is taking longer than anticipated due to health problems for both Calulu and Vyckie. We are both finally feeling well enough to get some work done, so we hope to complete the transition soon.  Right now, we are working on updating the individual authors’ pages. As we finish up each page, we will feature the NLQ writer here as a way of introducing our new readers to the Voices of NLQ.


Latebloomer is on a journey away from the ideals she was raised with in the conservative homeschooling culture. Becoming a wife and mother has prompted her to re-evaluate her childhood experiences in an effort to avoid repeating those mistakes.  Her blog Past Tense Present Progressive is her place for sorting through her thoughts.

Good Intentions, Bad Fruit

Homeschooled Girls and Trash Cans: The Social Isolation of Homeschooling

Sexuality: the Elephant in the Room

Authoritarian Parenting and Emotional Repression

A Tomboy in Christian Patriarchy

The World: (Not So) Evil and Dangerous!

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