Independent Baptist Pastor Jack Schaap Firing Aftermath

A few days ago Jack Schaap of the Independent Baptist Church connected to the Hyles-Anderson College and the First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana was relieved of his position. It isn’t stated officially what the reason was but there is a history at First Baptist of sexual improprieties and it’s about the only way to get kicked off staff.

Read more at the blog of  former Independent Baptist minister Bruce Gerenscer – The Way Forward. Links below.

The Legacy of Jack Hyles

Noted Independent Baptist Pastor, Jack Schapp Fired Today

Update on the Jack Schapp Firing

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  • Jenny Islander

    A sermon Schaap preached just before he left was pulled from the Web, but not before Stuff Fundies Like was able to post a partial transcript. If anybody dared to say such horrible creepy nasty sexual things about the youth of the congregation in the pulpit of my lukewarm worldly compromising etc. etc. Anglican church, he would be gone! Do not pass Go, do not collect $200, just gone. And probably gone out of the priesthood altogether. Whether or not he committed any prosecutable crimes, the man is a loathsome pervert.

  • Bruce Gerencser

    Thanks for mentioning my article.