Laughter is Good Medicine: Westboro Baptist

See what happens when you start thinking about what it is you actually believe?

Buzz Feed posted the 35 best times Westboro has been owned during their protests. Be sure to scroll down and watch number 26 when the Foo Fighters showed up to play them away!





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  • Jenny Islander

    The time WBC tried to picket a con and got a streetful of fanac warmed the cockles of my heart. That’s the response that’s most appropriate for WBC IMO: They want to get a whole bunch of people in one place looking at them? Fine, let’s put something lots funner on the other side of the street and look at that! Like a Foo Fighters concert! Or a bunch of fans who already have their costumes and some posterboard and a fistful of markers and would love an excuse to be nerdy outdoors in the fresh air!

    I gotta say, though, the human walls made me teary. Especially the one with the five miles of American flags.