Quoting Quiverfull? Weaklings in the War on Christmas?

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Reb Bradley from his book “Born Liberal Raised Right: How to Rescue America from Moral Decline – One Family at a Time” Chapter 9

The PC police strive to shield the weak from hurt feelings by placing restrictions on the strong. But is that wise?

Don’t we learn from nature that it is best to strengthen the weak rather than shield them forever? An athlete grows stronger and better prepared for challenges by constantly facing them. Our bodies only develop antibodies to disease by encountering germs. Calluses only form to protect our soft tissue because of constant abrasion. Are we not harming the “vulnerable” in our society—weakening their immune systems, you might say—by merely sheltering them from influences that can make them grow? Isn’t it obvious that the protectiveness of political correctness makes the weak weaker and preoccupies a culture with its wounds?

Those who own political correctness — liberals — are weak and lack emotional resilience. This is because when they were young, their parents obviously came to the rescue whenever another child upset them, and they were defended from anyone in authority who tried to hold them accountable. Instead of growing up emotionally resilient and socially strong, they grew up with a huge chip on their shoulder, hypersensitive to any perceived offenses.

  So, is it best to protect the weak or strengthen them? Let’s help them grow strong. This December, join me in taking every opportunity to publicly wish someone Merry Christmas. Who knows, maybe they’re like you, but just need permission to say what’s on their heart.


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  • Bill S

    I think it is harmless to say “Merry Christmas” just because Christmas is as much a national holiday as it is a religous holy day. It is ironic that we will say “Happy Holidays” when the root for “holiday” is “holy day”. Same with Valentines Day, Saint Patrick’s day, and to a certain extent, though less so, Easter. At the same time, I do say “have a nice holiday” and I think that people who go out of their way to force a “Merry Christmas” on someone they don’t know anything about are insensitive and to a certain extent, arrogant.

  • Oh ffs…I am not liberal because anyone helped me with anything. It’s in spite of my upbringing!

    As for weakening by giving in, wouldn’t the Christian faithful grow by learning to be tolerant of other religions?

  • Nea

    So… Other people grow when you ignore their wishes to impose your own beliefs on upon them, no matter how annoying that is to them. But there is no corresponding urge to get “tougher” yourself by exposing yourself to something new, especially something that mildly irritates you?

    How mature. The argument defeats itself.

  • Nightshade

    So deliberate exclusion is strengthening and should be encouraged…of course, why would I have ever thought otherwise? *rolling eyes* That being said, I don’t care what holiday greetings others say to me, whether Christmas, Yule, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, winter solstice, whatever-I’m just pleased that they care enough to wish happiness upon others! I usually say ‘Merry Christmas’ because that is the holiday I celebrate, even now, but if I’m unsure of the person I’m speaking to I probably will go with ‘Happy Holidays’ instead. My appreciation for holiday greetings does have one exception, however…the deliberate emphasis that is clearly meant to exclude all others, the ‘It’s CHRISTMAS and don’t you forget it, buddy.’ When that happens I’ve got a problem with it!

  • Oh, please. These are the same people who go into a pearl-clutching hissy if I tell them to have a good “dies natalis Sol Invictus” or “bona Saturnalia”.

  • pete zimmerman

    my parents were like vulcans. and they were fundies. I was not spared much. definitely not the rod. I am a liberal, socialist, evolution believing, bible is not my authority but I do follow the teachings of jesus. I am also not very PC. I don’t know where the f8ck they think these PC liberals are because I had to goto grad school to find any of them. I am in texas and I wish people merry christmas cause statisically that is a good guess. and christmas in america is about as christian as the dollar bill, which it is more about. I am not offended by the sh*T these fundies say because I am weak. I am offended because their stupid ideas, anti-science rambles, and perfect bible are ruining the whole world. might as well believe in the great spaghetti monster as the yahweh depicted in the OT. no thanks, I will stick to science, enlightenment, and humanism, while also being inspired by the gospels written about Jesus. I decided to not through the baby (jesus) out with the bathwater (inerrant bible). color me a soon to be ordained UCC minister. peace. god is love, god is light, and the scary metanarratives of the right are the real horror stories that keep me up at night. oppress women much? yep. they do. I see it all the time here in texas.

  • Rebecca W.

    Sooo… people who are compassionate (wanting to shield the weak) are that way because their parents were. Point taken.

  • Nea

    Actually, I’m seeing that one a lot these days. Kids are “weak” because their parents coddle them, with evidence of this “weakness” being things such as:
    – committing suicide due to bullying (not a new thing, but try telling anyone that),
    – insisting on their own equal rights to tradition and religious belief despite the weight of custom and community marjority
    – compassion for those unlike themselves
    – sharing with those less fortunate than themselves

    I’m sure I can think of others if I try, but trying’s depressing.

  • texcee

    There is no “war on Christmas” or Christians. This nonsense came about in the fanatical brains of fundamentalists/evangelicals who are fixated on Christianity being THE ONE TRUE FAITH, particularly their own brand of it. Like it or not, America and the World are made up of multitudes of religions whose followers believe THEIR versions are the correct ones. We will not have peace on Earth until people stop trying to force their beliefs on other people. Far from there being a war on Christmas, I have found that good will tends to come out more than any other time of the year. I have friends who are Christians, Jews, pagans, Wiccans, atheists and agnostics. We all wish one another “Happy Holidays” or more specific greetings — “Happy Hannakuh”, “Gud Yule”, “Merry Christmas”, “Happy Winter Solstice” … the point is that love and acceptance are flowing between us and we wish good tidings to all. The “war on Christmas” consists of the hatred in men’s hearts and needs to be done away with, as Jesus would have wanted.

  • Tori

    My daughter has been raised atheist, she is a happy well balanced little girl. She recently stayed with her fun-die cousins, and their obsession with sin upset her, she wanted to protect them from “sin” not because she believes in it but because of the distress it causes them. She only wants them to be happy. I am happy, so happy, about this. She is free in a way I never truly will be, she only wants to console them and make it all better. Many Christians have told me that the way i raise her is wrong, but she is more forgiving and accepting than a lot of people.