Quoting Quiverfull: College Evil?

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From Ladies Against Feminism taken from Melanie Ellison’s book “Chucking College”


Admittedly, college does have attractive benefits, but not without costs that most often far outweigh them. When family and friends say, “You’re strong enough to keep your faith through college!  You won’t become one of those statistics!” how do you know? Satan fell from heaven and Eve fell from the Garden of Eden!  Our hearts are deceitful, and they seek excuses to sin. “Therefore let him who thinks he stands take heed lest he fall,” warns 1 Corinthians 10:12.

Doug Phillips has said, “College is a trip through Babylon. If the academics don’t get you, the dorm life will.” Proverbs 16:17 declares, “The highway of the upright is to depart from evil; he who keeps his way preserves his soul.” Therefore, according to Scripture, the descriptive characteristic of the righteous is that they are set-apart and holy—not loitering and trying to survive in the midst of those who habitually practice sin.

If we truly believe that college is often a type of Sodom, then longing for it could be as deadly for us as it was for Lot’s wife, when she looked back. Sodom, her home, was similar to college with all its attractions, stimulations, and ventures into the thrills of the world. She must have despised what was ahead of her by comparison—life in a cave. It was when she doubted the value of her forthcoming life of hardship that she longed for the familiarity she had with the worldliness of Sodom—”the treasures of Egypt,” so to speak. She looked back when she stopped looking ahead to her reward.

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  • texcee

    Yes, I can fully attest that college is the crooked path that leads to the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. It leads you to that most dangerous of activities — thought! When you begin to think, you begin to realize that you’ve been lied to your entire life, that many of the things you’ve been carefully taught are just not so. You begin to meet people that your parents worked diligently to keep you from meeting — other religions, other races, other sexual orientations, other philosophies, etc. You begin to realize that most people are NOT the spawn of Satan, but pretty ordinary, loving, caring, thoughtful people, all worthy of your society. You begin to look back at the environment in which you were raised and realize it was oppressive and abusive. You look around you and understand that the tiny, closed bubble you lived in is NOT the whole world, but that God is much bigger and more inclusive than you were taught. So, yes, it’s little wonder that the people who have an interest in keeping total control over your life have a real problem with education and college especially. Just remember … “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free!”

  • chervil

    Well OK, good luck getting a job in technology or anything without a college education. Goodness knows you can’t watch tv, go to movies or go to college because you might discover that gays are human beings. Then what will these people have to talk about.

    Can’t really complain too much though, it just frees up space for people who are actually looking to solve the complex problems of the present and future creatively. It’s definitely not for the fearful, looking to solve every single problem by hiding at home, breeding and dreaming of the past.

  • Sarah

    Is Doug Phillips one who claims that Christianity helped bring the world out of darkness by starting universities?

  • saraquill

    Since QF places a premium on homeschooling, it is vital that women get only a bare minimum of education, as they are the ones in charge of passing down knowledge. How on earth does that make sense?

  • Rae

    “When family and friends say, “You’re strong enough to keep your faith through college! You won’t become one of those statistics!” how do you know?”

    How do you know you’re strong enough to keep your faith when you’re living out in the real world on your own, or with nobody other than your spouse to keep you accountable? Because as they pointed out, that didn’t work so well for Lot’s wife.

  • Persephone

    Uninformed, credulous people are much easier to control.

  • Persephone

    College is an excellent test for faith, then. Aren’t these fundagelicals always looking to prove their faith through tests? Knowledge is the ultimate test, and apparently one they regularly fail.

  • Chervil

    Interesting that he brings up Lot’s wife, who looked back, to the life she’s leaving behind. Seems that’s all fundies seem to do, look back. We spent a bit if time examining what happened to Lot’s wife and why. She feared what lay ahead, looked back to the life she knew where she felt safe. I get the sense that fundies long for a “yesteryear” when wives were docile and domesticated and children were obedient, and the men were sitting in their rightful place, on top of the world, the essence of being a regressive reactionary, fantasizing and promoting an existence that never was, but with internet. Fear and fearing the future. They are Lot’s wife.

  • Chervil

    Excellent point. Maybe they only declare something a test when it happens to them, after the fact, when they can declare victory. Maybe they don’t actively take tests.

  • Karen

    I think that, for women, being completely unqualified for the workforce is a feature, not a bug.

  • chervil

    Oh, I see. I took this as a general warning against college altogether. This is just directed at women, boys are OK furthering their education, the mega threats of Sodom and Satan don’t exist for them.

  • Petticoat Philosopher

    My thoughts exactly. When leaders start preaching against learning…run!

  • Nea

    I’ve always wondered about that. You can’t have an abortion because maybe that kid will cure cancer, but if it’s a girl, she’s not allowed to have an education. Those two concepts do not work well together.