Quoting Quiverfull: First God’s Blessing Then The Fruitfulness?

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Nancy Campbell of Above Rubies – January 21, 2013

“Have you noticed that before God gave His first commission to Adam and Eve “to be fruitful and multiply” that He first BLESSED them? The fruit of the womb is the blessing of God. Having children is all to do with God’s blessing.  After the flood, God again BLESSED Noah and his sons and reminded them also “to be fruitful and multiply” (Genesis 1:28; 9:1-7). That’s not all. There are over 25 more passages of Scripture that speak of God BLESSING a couple before giving them children.

We cannot conceive without the blessing of God. However, we know that Satan hates every purpose of God, and therefore deceives mankind to think that having children is a nuisance (or even a curse) rather than a blessing. He seems to be more intent in deceiving God’s people to think like this than even the heathen. The reason is that he hates the godly seed and wants to eliminate them any way he can.”

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  • Unless those children are the product of single-parenthood. Then it’s an abomination!

  • Sheena

    Or if they are adopted by a gay/lesbian couple. Then it’s REALLY an abomination.

  • Sarah

    “The way God has blessed me is the only way God ever blesses anyone.”

  • Persephone

    God seems to be blessing a lot of people into poverty and early deaths. Sick kind of blessing, in my opinion.

  • False dichotomy here. Either you want unlimited children, or you think they’re a nuisance or a curse. Actually, society in the modern West does view children as a wonderful thing. Just because jokes are also made about the trouble and bother (which, let’s face it, are real), doesn’t mean we don’t value children. But we also value birth control and family planning as good things for families, not bad.

  • saraquill

    By her logic, all athiests/Buddhists/pagans/etc. should be barren. Has anyone notified China?

  • Stacey B.

    “However, we know that Satan hates every purpose of God, and therefore deceives mankind to think that having children is a nuisance (or even a curse) rather than a blessing. He seems to be more intent in deceiving God’s people to think like this than even the heathen.” Then even the heathen. What does she mean by this? Is she saying that all non-Christians are infertile? Why, that surely explains why China and India are the populous countries in the world, and why China even has laws to restrict the number of children you can have. Hmmm….. If we somehow deported all the Quiverfull/Patriarchal people to China, they would only be able to have one child! And there goes the whole Quiverfull philosophy down the drain! Oh, how “blessed” Nancy would consider herself if she lived in China! Sorry, honey, but we just can’t have you popping out a kid every few months. It’s the overpopulation issue. *evil grin*

  • SAO

    I’d turn this around and say the QF mentality is to use children to validate themselves. Another child is an announcement that God loves ME (more than you). In families which use birth control, another child is usually about having love to give the baby, not seeking a stamp of approval from God.

    And, of course, we all know that the world would not have a problem with overpopulation if only people who were “Godly” by the peculiar QF standards were able to conceive.

    I have a friend who is infertile. It’s a hard row to hoe and I can’t imagine what it would be like if the burden of being unblessed by God was added on.

  • Kimberly

    I agree with SAO’s observation that QF families are seeking validation, but for some it’s mixed with a desire to be obedient and sacrificial (which, I suppose, is also an effort to be approved by God–smile). I struggled to conceive after my first and only child was born. I was always met with surprised expressions when other church women with multiple kids would ask how many I had. It wasn’t really okay to only have one! So going along with QF reasoning, my husband and I, who have always had a deeply committed faith, commitment to each other, and careful discipline of our child weren’t blessed by God? Life situations and spiritual matters just aren’t that tidy, knowable, and answerable by mere humans. I have been finding myself enraged by preachers and teachers who make these judgmental types of statements and cause so much pain and suspicion.