Spiritual Abuse: A Victim’s Guide to Recovery

Review by Vyckie Garrison

Lisa Kerr, who blogs at My Cult Life, has written a brief (60 pages), but jam-packed victim’s guide to recovery from spiritual abuse which is currently available via Amazon digital services. While not specifically geared toward the Quiverfull worldview, Lisa’s guide is an NLQ-recommended resource which addresses common experiences for many who leave a high-control, abusive religious situation including: depression, anxiety, PTSD, and self-harm. There is a section devoted to finding and working with a competent therapist and the issue of medication and recovery. The guide also discusses the five stages of grief in relation to healing from spiritual abuse, processing our experiences via writing/blogging, and emotional safety in social media situations.

Lisa’s personal story of escaping from the Master’s Commission and her subsequent journey to healing and happiness is an inspiration and an encouragement for all spiritual abuse survivors.

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