Laughter is Good Medicine: Every Sperm is Sacred

With so many Quiverfull leaders, conservative law makers, Evangelicals and others wanting to redefine rape, conception parameters, tiny babies in the uterus from birth control and controlling every single aspect of reproductive rights how much longer before they take Monty Python’s song from “The Meaning of Life” movie seriously?

I am waiting for the types of guys mentioned above to start legislating sperm emissions. Not going to happen, you say, because it involves every  mans reproductive lives? It’s only women who are tasked with legislation controlling their reproductive rights.

Enjoy this funny clip of “Every Sperm is Sacred” It also illustrates the difference between Catholic views on birth control and many mainline Protestant churches.

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  • Evelyn

    Yikes, no! This does not illustrate the difference between Catholics and Protestants on birth control. It is a misrepresentation of the Catholic view. Catholics believe that sex between married people needs to be both unitive and open to life to be a full gift of self. Contraception interferes with that. We don’t think sperm are sacred–we believe sex is sacred.

  • Dana

    It’s a parody. It’s not intended to be a literally accurate explanation of Catholic theology!

  • It is a parody of Catholic and Protestant theologies of birth control. I never said it was serious, just that the men seeking to end our access to birth control might think it was serious, implying it was parody!

    I was raised in a heavily Catholic family and went to school with nuns. The only sex ed we were given was a) Good girls don’t, b) the only birth control allowed was clutching an aspirin between your knees tightly so no man could get in. It was said many times that when God graced us with husbands or wives He would bless our unions with lots of children. It goes right to the heart of what QF actually is.

  • …but it’s not sacred if sperm aren’t involved.

  • Nancy B

    It also pointed out that the very large families lived mostly in poverty–some abject need–and did so without using a sledgehammer. Paraody at its best.

  • Actually, sperm is involved whether contraception is involved or not. Contraception just interferes with sperm-egg unification. Also, Catholics permit the practice of natural family planning, which is NOT for everyone, but for those that can use it, it is as effective as artificial contraception when used correctly. So again, it’s not about sperm being sacred or forcing women to reproduce endlessly. Maybe at one point, the Church, whether explicitly or implicity, taught just that, but not anymore.

  • Evelyn

    You wrote, “Enjoy this funny clip of “Every Sperm is Sacred” It also illustrates the difference between Catholic views on birth control and many mainline Protestant churches.” and honestly, I see this video touted as representing the Catholic viewpoint all the time, so I just wanted to point out that it doesn’t. Lots of people don’t get that it’s parody.