Quivers Filled With Abuse & Who Would Jesus Sue?

When it comes to the “pro birth” attitudes of fundamentalist Christianity, Vyckie Garrison is one of the leading experts.  She’s going to be speaking at the upcoming Women in Secularism Conference scheduled for May 17-19, 2013, in Washington DC.

We’ll explore how  “biblical” reproductive health dogmas can be harmful to women and their families.  Part of what prompted this show is the fact that Judy Jones, the “spiritual midwife” who attended Vyckie during a difficult and life-threatening pregnancy, was arrested for practicing medicine without a license and for manslaughter of an infant.

Vyckie is the founder of No Longer Quivering, which not only offers support for women but tells the story of her escape from the Quiverfull movement — a movement that encourages couples to avoid any kind of birth control or reproductive planning so that God is in charge.

Joining us will be Renée Davis-Pelt, whose experience in a fundamentalist Christian denomination included spousal abuse. Her ex-husband used biblical scriptures to back up the abuse. Although Renée has escaped this situation, she has had 20 years of post-traumatic stress.

Also joining us in the third hour will be Julie Anne Smith, who was sued by her pastor for “defamation” after she left her church, and who is now working with the victims of Calvary Chapel.  The Calvary issue has been the subject of the #WhoWouldJesusSue campaign this week.

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