Quoting Quiverfull: Cultural Moral Decline?

by Reb Bradley in an interview at Divine Caroline

The title of my new book Born Liberal, Raised Right makes it sound like it’s a parenting book, but it is not. It is an analytical work that looks at social trends and political philosophies, and reveals how parents, by their style of parenting, create the worldview and character of each generation of adults.

Ten years ago, I observed that America’s morals were rapidly disintegrating. Since 1960, the rate of violent crimes has tripled. As the crime rate grows, academics are slipping—SAT scores have dropped more than 60 points in that same time. Sexual promiscuity has become so rampant that 1 of every 4 college coeds has an STD. Illegal drug use is up 400 percent in the last forty years and families are breaking up more than ever before. If our nation were a family, I would have prescribed counseling years ago.

The book is my effort to counsel America. As a parenting counselor, I look at a troubled family and help the parents chase down the root causes of their difficulties. I specialize in helping people find their blind spots. In Born Liberal Raised Right, I assume my role as a parenting counselor and trace our nation’s problems back to core issues, which center on a misunderstanding of human nature and the means by which government and parents can cultivate good citizens.

The key message I try to convey in the book is that our culture is in moral decline because parents no longer know how to raise children with good character. Consequently, our nation consists primarily of grown up children who lack the self-control and personal responsibility needed for a healthy society. When those children become lawmakers, activists, and judges, their style of leadership often reflects that of the homes in which they grew up.

Presently, our government tries to corral the problem more than cure it. That’s like catching leaks in a bucket rather than patching the roof. If we continue on this path, we will continue our decline, because well-funded academic instruction, afterschool programs, and gun control laws do not give character—parental training does. If those who govern took to heart the lessons I cover in my book, our nation would certainly grow stronger. However, it is primarily parents who must grasp what I am saying.

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  • Cathy W

    Fact check time! The rate of violent crimes has not tripled since 1960 unless it was pretty much at zero then and shot through the roof in the rest of the 1960s. The graph I looked at only goes back to 1973, but it shows crime high at that point, a decline in the early ’80s, and another decline that started in 1994 and is still ongoing – down to below half of what it was in 1973. I have to give that a “pants on fire”.

  • “Illegal drug use is up 400 percent in the last forty years…”
    Aside from wanting to see a source on that, what about the use of alcohol? If you factored it in all together, would you really find such a drastic rise in substance abuse?

  • chervil

    What moral decline – oh you mean that we don’t mind that gays are out, we don’t entrap women in their homes, that women are allowed to make their own choices in their life, THAT “moral decline”. Yeah, it’s definitely all about “parenting” and it comes down to “gun control”. This is all conservative political bullshit from a right wing hack. He doesn’t like the fact that his party has been in decline and will continue to decline, so he needs to find blame. Parents, gays, women, anyone else but him. Guess what, buddy. It’s you.

  • newcomer

    Would also like to point out that those old enough to be committing ‘violent crimes’ and all of the other activities that he objects to in the 60s would have been born and raised in the 50s and 40s- the eras held up by this man as the pinnacle of good ol’ wholesome family values, when parents raised kids ‘right.’ The hippie movement WAS the ‘Leave it to Beaver’ generation.

  • lucrezaborgia

    Well isn’t he clever…bitching about today’s society. No one has ever done that before…

  • SAO

    It’s about 1/4 of all people under 25 (whether in college or not) who have had an STD and the rates are higher in the bible belt. New England, one of the least religious regions of the country, has one of the lowest STD rates. So one could make the point that religion is a risk factor for STDs and the solution is to burn your bible and give up on God.

  • Persephone

    It’s the same basis Senator Kyl used when he said that 90% of Planned Parenthood funds go to abortions. He was only off by 87%.

  • Elise

    How do people who lack self-control and personal responsibility become lawmakers, activists and judges? Seems they must have some of those two character qualities to, oh I don’t know, get advanced degrees and career histories to do those jobs. And, here’s to newcomer’s reality check…way to go!

  • The_L

    Yes, but you know, that was not intended to be a factual statement. 😉

  • Nea

    He seems to be more arguing that the lawmakers, activists, and judges are reflecting the values that they learned at home, which are things he has no respect for, like putting compassion and empathy over punitiveness.

    I also wonder how much personal responsibility this guy actually takes. It’s my experience that the more people bang on about how important it is, the less likely it is that they’ll accept the responsibility for their own actions and attitudes.

  • Holly

    In which state are academic instruction and after-school programs well-funded?

  • Rae

    For that matter, look at Los Angeles, one of the most liberal cities in the nation – in the past few decades, crime has dropped dramatically, the city has physically been cleaned up significantly, and I’ve seen visible improvements in some neighborhoods just within the past few years alone. If liberalism alone was the problem, it should be a cesspit of murder and drugs like the reputation it used to have, and West Hollywood, which in the past few years have banned fur and plastic bags among other things and is like 40% gay men (plus a higher-than-average lesbian, bisexual, and trans* population) should be an absolute hellhole, but it’s one of the safest, cleanest, most fun places in LA.