Quoting Quiverfull: Making Soldiers in Christ?

From Ladies Against Feminism Kelly Crawford on “Older Woman Teaching the Younger Women: Titus 2 or ‘Christian Feminist‘?” -March 10, 2013

We need women teaching women what the Bible says about children. That God “desires godly offspring”, that raising children is the first line of the Great Commission work. We need to understand how marriage is meant to reflect the church, and that as the church is expected to naturally be fruitful and make disciples, so is marriage. Shame on us, for a generation of Christian women who have taught that children are a costly burden to be “put up with” and not a heritage from the Lord, given for us to steward. Shame on us for treating motherhood like some side job instead of the powerful, constant, eternal work of shaping the next generation.

To love our children is to give all we have to make them soldiers of Christ. It’s not to spoil them or live out for them a worldview that emphasizes self-gratification. We are sojourners here, given one shot to “set up for ourselves treasures in Heaven”.

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  • chervil

    Shame on you, indeed. Shame on you for allowing your leaders, steeped in politics, to pay lip service to motherhood ONLY when it serves them politically, then go on to say hideous, appalling things about women. Shame on you for promoting the worst of the worst, the rape deniers, the phony Christians, the child stoners, the abusers, panty sniffers like Rick Santorum, as leaders of your political party. You allowed that to happen too, over 2 generations, politics has overtaken your religion.

    Shame on you for electing people who are ONLY concerned about eliminating birth control, but I have yet to hear one single other thing about anything else from their mouths. About motherhood. About children as anything other than a punishment, a consequence, or, as the result of rape, “lemonade”. So yeah, it’s no wonder you find yourselves in this position. You dug your own hole.

    Shame on you for never holding men accountable, for men who are encouraged to live in this century, follow their dreams, to take advantage of all the latest gadgets, hi def tvs, the internet, the best cars, the most state of the art modern medicine can offer, while women and children are expected to live in the bronze age, becuz bible. And you wonder why motherhood isn’t as elevated as high as you think it should be. It isn’t because you designed it not to be.

    Shame on you, indeed. At least your finally admitting responsibility, that’s a major step forward. Doubt you’ll do anything else but whine and complain, though.

  • clarinetpower

    “We are sojourners here, given one shot to “set up for ourselves treasures in Heaven”.”

    So, when Christ said that all we had to do was believe in Him, He was wrong? Really He’s up there holding a clicker and tallying up the boffs and babes… *eyeroll*

  • Nea

    *wild applause*

  • Nea

    Even with lots of children you’re only “given one shot to “set up for ourselves treasures in Heaven”.”? So… if, say, one, just ONE of the Duggar children breaks from the fold, Michelle loses out on heaven because Christ won’t count the other 18, is that what she’s saying?

    Interesting way to pile on the guilt there. No wonder the fundiegelical mothers are so desperate to find the perfect way of always turning out the perfect children.

    Also, I notice how children aren’t actually people at any point in this polemic, nor do they achieve personhood. They’re a heritage, a “burden,” something to steward, and soldiers, but never, ever actual *people.*

  • Nea

    I seem to remember a Bible story about two women, one of whom was listening to Jesus and the other of whom got stuck with all the housework. Funny, in my Bible, the woman with all the work wasn’t cheerful about it, nor did Jesus tell the other one to get into the kitchen and make him a sandwich.

    Isn’t it just fascinating to see all the bits that *aren’t* in the Bible according to these “teachers”?

  • chervil

    Christ as scorekeeper.

  • chervil

    ” No wonder the fundiegelical mothers are so desperate to find the perfect way of always turning out the perfect children.”

    And why they have to throw away the gay ones.

  • Talk about taking the Bible out of context! The “He seeks godly offspring” is said in Mal. 2.
    The passage talk of men marrying idol worshipping women and divorcing the wives of their youth, wives who presumably followed the same God they did.
    It then say God wants godly offspring/ a godly seed, (This is one text, it seems on which QF supporters never use the KJV. The KJV “a godly seed” does not support the idea of many children.)
    After that, it continues with opposition to divorce. (It seems a more scholarly reading would say this is not a blanket statement against divorce, and newer translations render it as about “he” -the man, not God- “hating and divorcing”, not “hating divorce”.)
    Anyway, the context of the Godly seed idea is that men should stay faithful to wives from their own religion, not that women should school their children in the ways of the Lord.

    “Shame on us for treating motherhood like some side job instead of the powerful, constant, eternal work of shaping the next generation.”-Kelly Crawford
    People once told The Greatest Child In The World that his mother was blessed to have Him. He did not think the way His mother raised Him was all that big a deal: “Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it.”(Luk. 11:28)
    Jesus, shame on you for treating motherhood like some side job instead of the powerful, constant, eternal work of shaping the next generation! Let Kelly Crawford teach you not to mislead good Christian (TM) women!

  • Nea

    The hideous irony being that the more prolific the mothers are, the more statistically likely they’re getting gay ones.

  • I am so tired of the Fundy-Bunch saying that those of us that worked when we had children didn’t understand we were shaping the next generation. Bull F*&^ing S&^%! We knew it too but some of us never had the luxury of making the decision to stay at home. What about single mothers having to support a child? If they quit work to go on government assistance to stay home and raise their child like Kelly and hers think they should then that mother would have blamed as a ‘drain on taxpayers’. Who are they to paint everyone with the same brush, how do they know if you worked pt or shared childcare with your spouse so that the kids weren’t in day care, or only worked when the kids are in school. There are just infinite options while the Fundy Bunch insisted there is only one. How dare they! Sounds like communism to insist everyone follow the same mold when we are all created differently.

  • Talk about taking a metaphor too far! The bible may reference marriage to being like Christ wedding the church, but it never says to treat marriage as a church that must produce disciples!

  • saraquill

    Wasn’t Jesus about peace and love? Why the **** would he need soldiers?

  • One thing I notice with a lot of these blogs. There is never a hint of a dissenting voice. Not a one. Do they delete all comments that present an opposing opinion, however respectfully?

    If so, you ladies are doing a great service by allowing people to present dissenting opinions.

  • madame

    Yeah. And some carry it even further!
    Polygamists have take it to mean that a man may marry many women and they all should be “as one”, like the church is “one body”.

    That metaphor is generally taken too far. Sad, but true.

  • Jennifer

    Chervil-get a grip. Women like Kelly Crawford are concerned with helping the poor, ministering to hurt women, eliminating child murder and saving children from bad teachings and harmful societal crud.

    Thanks Vyckie for allowing Kelly’s excellent post to speak for itself.

  • Flora Kitty

    Thank you for calling a hypocrite a hypocrite.