Saturday Links – March 16, 2013

Saturday Links – March 16, 2013 March 16, 2013

We’ve decided to go back to the Saturday Links feature because there is so much happening out there in the world of religion, recovery and quiverfull.

Starting with a sort of lighthearted one today. So how much money does it take to feed the Duggar clan hamburgers and fries at a NYC eatery? TMZ has the answer! Someone alert PETA because that’s a whole lotta cow meat!

Another public display by someone with no idea how the human body really works. According to some random Evangelical speaking at a legislative public hearing on Marriage Equality in Minnesota vaginas block AIDS and gay anal sex causes it.

From The Huffington Post John Shore has words of wisdom for the suffering former and current IFB  members in his ‘The Fundamentally Toxic Christianity”

Spiritually abusive pastor Steve Anderson of Faithful Word Baptist Church describes his morning rituals, like carrying his wife around the house to show her he is her boss – Christian Pastor: I Carry My Wife Around the House Every Day to Show Her Who is Boss by The Friendly Atheist

By NLQ’s  Vyckie Garrison at Secular Women – “Choosing my Future”

From Deviant Art – Live to Please God The comments are pure comedic gold without meaning to be.

Another one from John Shore – “A Christianity to make Satan proud”

From Global Grind “Jesus Told Me To Do It! – Six Crazy Crimes Committed in the Name of Religion”

From Skepchick – Don’t tell me to love my body

The Jack Schaap sentencing memorandum from the FBI has lots of interesting bits of evidence it revealed. One of the most horrifying is that Jack Schaap spent a great deal of time and effort grooming his victim, more the behavior of a serial sex offender than a man under pressure giving in to his urges. After he is sentenced it would not be surprising if more victims come forward.

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Christian Post


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