Quoting Quiverfull: All the Children?

by Colin Campbell from Meat For Men “Biblical Fathers Have All The Children God Wants Them To Have” – April 25, 2013

On this point the majority of the Christian churches have been greatly deceived. Most Christian couples have little understanding of the importance of God being in charge of this area of their lives. They consult God on their career, college, home, finance, and many seemingly important issues, yet regarding children created in God’s own image, they don’t want God involved. This is one area where most Christians make their own decision.

What would have happened to God’s promise to Abraham’s descendants that they would be as the “dust of the earth, the sand of the  seashore, and the stars of the heaven”* for multitude, if he had decided to take the lordship away from God to give him the children God wanted him and Sarah to have? I think you will agree with me that having children is more important to God for the multiplication of His image and all that He represents than all these other things that we seek Him for. I have come to believe that it is God’s image and likeness that is at stake and on the line. For righteousness’ sake, we had better not take this matter lightly or casually, for God does not.

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  • Brennan

    Um, does Colin realize that Abraham and Sarah *did* “take lordship away from God”? Seriously, has he heard of Hagar and Ishmael? And what happened? He ended up with *more* descendants. (Which, by the fundie more-babies-is-always-better-than-fewer logic, should be Captital A Awesome!) Seriously, dude, that was not a well-chosen analogy.

  • Rae

    That, and it wasn’t exactly Abraham who had all those children – Abraham only had a total of two children, and all those promised thousands of Jewish descendents came from one son, his and Sarah’s only child… that’s like those “small family sizes” that the Quiverfull fundies love to mock.

  • http://alisoncummins.com Alison Cummins

    “I have come to believe that it is God’s image and likeness that is at stake and on the line.”
    Meaning, this is not self-evident, it’s a theory I came up with by thinking.

    “For righteousness’ sake, we had better not take this matter lightly or casually, for God does not.”
    This theory I came up with? Actually, God said it. Yup. I am the voice of God. Whatever I believe at any given time — for instance, what I believe now as opposed to ten years ago, and who knows what I’ll believe ten years from now — is God’s Word. You better believe it.

  • saraquill

    Is this man aware of how many humans are running around on the planet, and how popular Christianity is as a religion? I think we as a whole have done our job.

  • Fledgling Feminist

    “They consult God on their career, college, home, finance, and many seemingly important issues”…

    Yes, we do. We pray for guidance, and then make the best decision possible based on the information we have. Very few people get an audible divine answer pointing out the exact job, schooling, or finances they are “supposed” to have. And most people expect there to be a limit on all of these good things. I can’t have *all* the jobs. Or *all* the houses, or money, or go to school for the rest of my life.

    How strange that Campbell assumes that anyone who seriously commits their reproductive life to God will get only one possible divine answer: “procreate until you drop dead or your wife hits menopause/drops from exhaustion.”

  • Laura Turner

    What an erroneous and ridiculous picture of a god Colin Campbell paints! First of all, a person cannot take away the lordship of an almighty god, or that god is no god at all. Secondly, Abraham made no choice in the matter of how many children he had or when he would have them–he wasn’t obeying or disobeying–Sarah was barren until God opened her womb. If anything, Abraham and Sarah lacked faith and disobeyed by taking matters into their own hands with Hagar. Thirdly, I find nowhere in scripture that God’s main purpose is to perpetuate his likeness in the form of “mini-me’s.” What a narcissistic god Campbell portrays! And a weak god too, if he can’t protect his own image and likeness. Certainly not my God!. Abraham’s and Sarah’s story seems antithetical to the QF movement–they were chosen and blessed and had ONLY ONE child together. Funny that as a mom of ONLY ONE child, I’ve often taken comfort from this story, which reinforces that I’m not under punishment or cursed by being given ONLY ONE child. (“ONLY ONE” was the astonished, possibly judgmental response when most Evangelical Christian women I met asked how many children I had.)