Quoting Quiverfull: Fellowshipping?

Quoting Quiverfull: Fellowshipping? April 12, 2013

by Brian Cranford from BibleBrian

Are you someone who says that you are a Christian, but doesn’t fellowship together with other believers at a local Church? True believers will want to fellowship with other believers because they are like-minded. The one that says Church is filled with hypocrites shows their misunderstanding of the word “Church”. The Church is not the building or even every person that goes to meet at the building. The Church is the True Children of God. They are not hypocrites, because a hypocrite is a pretender. There will be hypocrites that meet at the Church building, so if you find a local church that is filled with them, then find a new local Church or witness to them. Finding hypocrites that meet at the Church building shouldn’t make you give up on Church altogether. If it does, then you probably aren’t a Christian yourself, because True believers persevere to the end and love the Church as Christ loved the Church.

Also at his website Brian sells bullhorns, signs and Christian clothing.

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  • saraquill

    His statement makes me think of a little kid going “MINE! NOT YOURS!” As much as it would thrill him, he does not have a monopoly on the religion.

  • Kimberly

    I’ve been in a couple of large churches where the elder board was partially run by attorneys and business leaders, and the church seemed to become a mega empire for the pastor-teacher, who was treated like a CEO and never had time to spend with the “little people.” So you tithed to the Church, the business, but to make friends and get any social/spiritual needs met, you had to join a home church. I can no longer see the point of being in a church such as that. And the non-Christian people I have met since are a heck of a lot nicer!

  • I wonder if he would really want us, if we live in his city, to love the whole church? That would mean loving those believers who think like him and those who do not. Those who go to his church and those who go to the church two blocks away and those who do not go to church. And in his love, consider with respect all the doctrines held by people who are part of the church – the church meaning Christianity and not his congregation. Or would he prefer that those in leadership roles love “the church” less than that, and his one congregation more?

  • madame

    This Brian fellow has some stuff to learn.
    First, his explanation of why “the church is full of hypocrites” is not a good reason to leave or not want to have to do with church, is poor. Yes, the church IS full of hypocrites! I’m sure many of them are true believers, just very blinkered. They talk about love and beat the living dailights out of their kids and call it “biblical discipline”; They kick gay people out of the church while they indulge in gluttony; they shun smokers for being “in sin”; they talk about serving when they are actually after exercising authority and having power; and on and on I could go.
    So Brian’s solution is to “witness to them”. I guess he calls his little stunt on Sunday morning in front of the Methodist church “witnessing”.

    People like Brian, who think they are among the very few “true Christians”, are scary.

  • BabyRaptor

    He probably doesn’t consider people whose beliefs differ with his to be members of The Church, so I doubt he’s even contemplated your question.

  • BabyRaptor

    His definition of “hypocrite” is wrong. But, hey. It’s not uncommon for people on his side to decide words only mean what they say they mean.

  • madame

    it’s not uncommon for words to be used with the meaning that one gives them. Regardless of what side one happens to be on.

  • If “The Church is not the building,” then choosing not to go to the building should not distress him.

  • Amen