Quoting Quiverfull: Significant Financial Contribution?

From the Prairie Muffin Manifesto

Prairie Muffins make significant economic contributions to their households in many ways. They are careful with the hard-earned money that their husbands bring home, wisely weighing expenditures to ensure that they stretch the dollars as far as they can go, without being parsimonious. They also may help their husbands in their husbands’ callings or bring money into their households through homecentered business under their husbands’ authority, as long as that activity does not detract from their very important homekeeping duties.

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  • http://iamcoleslaw.blogspot.com/ Coleslaw

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with the behavior outlined in the passage quoted. I think it is the case that many women who work outside the home also “are careful with the hard-earned money that their husbands [and they themselves] bring home, wisely weighing expenditures to ensure that they stretch the dollars as far as they can go, without being parsimonious.” I think it is up to each family to decide how best each adult in the family can contribute to the household, whether it is by bringing an income into the family, providing services that would otherwise cost money to hire out, or a mix of both. Certainly women’s labor in the home should not be overlooked just because it doesn’t bring in a paycheck.

  • Persephone

    The problem is that the wife is completely without recourse or part of the decision making. The husband decides if she works. If he allows her to work, it should only be in a home-based business or as part of his work. And she is expected to do all this while still maintaining every aspect of a home and family, while her husband is not expected to assist in this.

    It is a complete devaluation of her contributions. She is told that she must to this and must do that, including accepting every responsibility given to her.

  • fwtbc

    But she gets the oh-so-respectful and not-at-all-demeaning title of prairie muffin! I mean, what more could a loyal slave, uh, I mean, brood mare, uh, I mean wife and child of JESUS(!) want?

  • Persephone

    A prairie muffin refers to a pile of cow poop. Do they not get this, or do they think it’s cute?