Heart And Soul: The Womb as a Weapon

This weekend BBC series Heart And Soul did a program on the Quiverfull Movement as it is gaining ground in the United Kingdom, starting out focusing on one particular British Quiverfull family before interviewing Nancy Campbell, our own Vyckie Garrison and Heather Doney of Homeschoolers Anonymous and NLQ.

BBC managed to pin down both Nancy Campbell and one of the European Above Rubies reps to say that the reason patriarchal Christianity needs to embrace Quiverfull is to out-breed Muslims and other ‘non-whites’ or ‘non-Europeans’. They confirmed what many have thought might be the real reason behind Quiverfull –  racism and xenophobia.

You can either download a podcast of this at Itunes or the BBC or listen to it here on BBC World Service. Please let us know what you think in the comments.

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  • texcee

    This sounds about right. When a group is breeding an army of their own kind for “spiritual warfare”, you can pretty much bet it’s because the group next door appears to be out-breeding THEM.