Jinger Duggar Wants Out?

Jinger Duggar Wants Out? May 3, 2013

Radar Online has been having a long series of Duggar related articles through the years. They posted again about Jinger Duggar’s desire to be in the big city and put up a clip of the Duggar girls speculating on what type of men they would want as husbands. Sounds like they’ve been reading Debi Pearl’s “Created To Be His Help Meet”

Here’s the article. It’s old, from last summer. Read it and tell us what you think.

Jinger Duggar Wants Out! Jim Bob & Michelle’s Daughter Has Big City Dreams

By Alexis TereszcukRadar Entertainment Editor

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have said that they want all of their children to live close to them, but their 18-year-old daughter Jinger Duggar just might be the rebel in the family.

In this sneak peek of the season premiere of 19 Kids and Counting, the older girls discuss their ideal mates and all Jinger says is that she wants out of their small Arkansas town.

“She might do good with a visionary spunky person, somebody that gives her coffee,” Jill says about her sister’s ideal mate, but Jessa says it has to be outside of their small town.

“She doesn’t want to live three hours out from civilization,” and Jinger agrees.

“No! City please city please,” Jinger begs with a smile.

The deeply religious Duggar family has instilled their strong faith in their children and Jill tries to tell Jinger that God has a plan for her.

“If you didn’t get somebody like that the Lord can be working and teaching you something in that area.”

Jinger agrees with her and says “Yes that’s for sure; I need to work on my contentment!”


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  • Anyone in New York want to help jinger out of there? Sheesh the ‘I need to work on my contentment’ is so triggering. Any perceived problem is just the girl/woman not trying hard enough to be happy where she is at. The thought she could move to New York on her own has been preemptively purged from her mind. Being a poster girl for god (those poor children) puts even more pressure on her to be the perfect submissive daughter.

  • New York or wherever, that’s just ‘city’ in my mind 🙂

  • Is it just me or does Jinger always look more stylish and put together? She seems to make a concerted effort to look different from her sisters too.

  • Saraquill

    I’m surprised that most of the girls are showing their knees. Since when were they allowed to show that much skin?

  • persephone

    If I had the space, she could have it.
    Jim Bob must be sweating. His source of income is growing up and moving out, and it’s pretty obvious that not all of them are going to stay quiet forever.

  • lhsouthern1988

    I have an empty apt in the basement of my house and there is a RN program here at the college. lets GO!

  • lhsouthern1988

    In fact I had a dream that I was confronting her father about their belief in not educating their daughters. IRONIC…..

  • Grotoff

    Poor girl.

  • I really feel sorry for her. What her “parents” are doing are forcing her to live in the 18th century, completely submissive to a man’s will. That is just wrong, and doesn’t allow her to become the woman she wants to be.

  • Ruth Anastacia Adamcik

    My Daddy, of beloved memory, told me that I could be anything that I wanted to be. He was equally delighted with a meal that I made as he was with my straight As in an honors math and science program. I can hear what both of my beloved parents had to say about the Duggar parents (before they passed away), but I won’t post it here as it was quite – shall we say – pointed. Really, I feel sorry for all the Duggar children because they seem not to be members of a family but rather ensnared in a cult. Poor Jinger…

  • Formerly Rebecca

    I couldn’t even finish watching the clip, just the few minutes I watched made me feel ill. Ever since I can remember I’ve wanted to live in the heart of a bustling city – I always dreamed of New York – and my stepfather told me that cities are wicked, look at what happened to Sodom and Gomorra, and treated my restlessness as a mortal flaw. Those girls are going to have such a hard time leaving, if they leave at all, and my heart breaks for them.