Quoting Quiverfull: Fear of Any Government?

by Vaughn Ohlman from Perservero News – Imaginary Money and Fairy-Tale Business

Take the minimum wage… one of the many issues that is destroying the South African economy. The government thinks that by telling people that they have to pay people more, that, somehow, people will make more. But in reality forcing someone to pay their workers more will not force the public to buy the goods at the higher price. The public will go elsewhere. And the business will lose money. And a business that loses money is a business that cannot hire or pay workers.

The government thinks that by waving its magic red tape it can force a company to improve this safety issue or that ‘equity’ issue. But every regulation forces a company to do something it would not have done by itself. And that thing must be inefficient… or else the company would have done it already.

This is post-modernism run amok. Fantasy humans think they can will into existence, and they speed 120 mph into the steel wall of God’s creation order. They fancy themselves the gods.

And that is assuming that the regulation actually has some form of rationality. Let’s take a local example: a local ambulance service was forced, when they did renovations, to spend an extra few tens of thousands of dollars to make sure that the ambulance station was handicapped accessible. Like… wheelchairs. In an ambulance station. A station designed to house personnel required to get up into an ambulance and drive to the scene of an accident and get down into a ditch to rescue wounded people. That’s right, personnel who could not, by definition, be handicapped!

Man was designed to multiply, replenish the Earth, and take dominion. Modern government hates this, and is doing its level best to prevent it at every level. From the prevention and denial of marriages, through the propoganda in favor of child-murder and other forms of contraception, to these much more subtle forms of denying and destroying the work of man, Modern Government shows that it hates God and His Work. And the work He calls us to do.

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  • itsdanilove

    “From the prevention and denial of marriages”

    WHUT does this even mean? I mean, I agree, same-sex marriage should be legal but I doubt that’s what the quoted author was going for…

  • Kristen Rosser

    And that thing must be inefficient… or else the company would have done it already.

    Inefficient, yes. It’s inefficient to provide fire escapes and not lock workers into the building so that they can’t leave during their shift. The “efficiency” of locked doors and no fire escapes kills workers, however.
    “Inefficient” often means “the CEOs and shareholders can’t make maximum profits because they have to treat the workers like human beings.” Is “efficiency” what we really want?

  • Nightshade

    Maybe he’s talking about teenage marriage…he does seem to push for young marriage. I wonder how young he thinks is too young…16, 15?

  • Funny that he is so against issues of safety and equity, while claiming to serve the God who regulated that you leave some food on your farm land for the poor, that you put a wall round your roof so people do not fall of (flat roofs was used for storage space, drying out things, etc.); that justice systems should treat widows and orphans and other weak people with equity.
    I tend not to judge people’s salvation, but I judge (as in, try to exercise discernment) over whether they speak for God.

  • mayarend

    I’d guess that “too young” is “before your father allows you to”. Whatever that age might be.

  • NeaDods

    “Fantasy humans think they can will into existence, and they speed 120 mph into the steel wall of God’s creation order.”

    After all, look at how horrible the 40-hour work, national holidays, end of child labor, and food safety laws have been!

    As for his sneering over the ambulance bay accessibility — as if the only people there were ambulance crew. No cook, cleaner, office admin, mechanic might possibly need access; nope, only actual ambulance crew. Because we all know that no one in a wheelchair can do any support staff job…

  • flapdog

    “Man was designed to multiply, replenish the Earth, and take dominion. Modern government hates this, and is doing its level best to prevent it at every level.” Really??? That is just ludicrous. As though government is some big, bad machine controlled by Lucifer himself to destroy mankind and everything godly!

  • Nightshade

    Sounds about right. I wonder what he would say if a 13 y/o’s father thought getting married at that age was OK?

  • Theo Darling

    Lucifer wants people to be happy and personally fulfilled, so…while I suspect the Dark Lord not only supports the minimum wage, but wants to raise it, it’s because he wants to elevate humankind to greatness!

  • mayarend

    I’m guessing he would either say that the guy is a father and knows it best or that he’s ungodly… And people should pray he changes his mind (cause if he doesn’t, the 13 y old is SO getting married…)

  • Theo Darling

    PS, “fantasy humans,” Vaughn? Those of us who support equity and accessibility /aren’t real?/

  • Saraquill

    Not to mention patients who might be wheelchair users.

  • Saraquill

    This person has never read “The Jungle,” or studied much history. It really sucks if you’re not a wealthy able bodied white man, hence social movements and laws to protect those who need it.

  • aim2misbehave

    Plus injured crew members who might be on “light duty”, or dispatchers.

  • Baby_Raptor

    Wait, am I reading this wrong, or is he complaining that an ambulance bay had to have wheelchair accessibility…Because nobody ever uses wheelchairs, I guess?

    Did it never occur to him that the patients being transported by the ambulance might be in a wheelchair? I’m not a medical professional of any sort, so I could be wrong about this, but it seems like a highly likely possibility to me.

  • Trollface McGee

    Riiiight… because an economy where no one can afford to buy your goods because they are being paid slave wages, can’t afford medical care which they need because they are sick from the dirty air and water that isn’t being regulated. Or maybe they can’t even access medical care because they broke their leg and it’s hard to get up stairs without a wheelchair at the hospital. Either way, they are not interested in buying your goods.
    A market requires buyers and sellers. You can be the shiniest, dominionest, meanest boss on the block and you’re going to be quickly broke because economies like this tend to wither and die, which means you’re going to be broke soon and have to contend with no regulations to keep your shiny dominionist butt out of the unregulated housing that you thought were just for the lesser masses.
    But yeah it’s all the fault of women and gays and abortion or something nothing to do with the fact that people fail to understand the very basics of economics.

  • persephone

    All things that religious campaigned for. Things have certainly changed.

  • NeaDods

    Yeah, his whole idea of common sense doesn’t hold up to even 5 seconds of thoughtful scrutiny, does it?

  • Margaret Marquez

    of course we are not real—makes us easier to dismiss that way