Quoting Quiverfull: Full Quivers?

by Colin Campbell from Meat For Men

Nations and churches that willfully refuse to fill their quivers with young men and women, trained as sharp polished arrows, will stand ashamed before their enemies, whether they be physical or spiritual. The sad thing is that God is more than willing to provide us with arrows, but we are too deceived to receive them.

Some European nations have approximately 1.2 arrows in their quivers; others have 1.8 arrows. However, the population scientist, Theodore Lachish states that anything less than three is doomed to self destruction because some may have infertility, others may not marry, some could die before marriage or before their child-bearing years are over, and some, God forbid, will live alternative lifestyles that cannot produce children.

Most, if not all, of our western nations stand ashamed before their enemies, either within or outside the gates, and yet we are so deceived we will not accept our shame. Let alone repent. The truth of the matter is that God reveals that children of our youth (to young mothers and fathers) are to be recognized as arrows. If they are rightly polished and sharpened they can be enlisted in Christ’s mighty army to destroy all darkness and evil. Jesus Christ is the mighty conqueror of Revelation 6:2: and 19:11-15.

All Christians should seek, with God’s help, to fill their quivers and enlist them in Christ’s army. He is the only one who can remove our shame. The gates our nation and cities are being knocked down daily. Where are the arrows who will speak and contend for the truth?

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  • ILoveJellybeans

    Theres no hurry for everyone to have two or three children to keep the population stable. Theres 7 billion of us, and we arent in any danger of dying out.
    Theres such thing as a too full quiver though, cause what if theres so many stuffed in there and getting bent, to the point where theyre unable to be taken from the quiver and do their job. Like if you couldnt give your children a good life because you refused to stop when you couldnt afford to feed the ones you had, had so many your resources were spread too thin, or were so controlling you messed up parenting to the point where youve got 30 year old teenagers living at home with not enough education and independance to live by themselves.

  • Saraquill

    I am a person, not an arrow.

  • NeaDods

    Who is Theodore Lachish? I googled to see what was precisely said and found absolutely *nothing* about this person. The only hits on that name were from quotes from the fundamentalist echo sphere about this “three kids” rule. Nothing else. No other quotes, no papers, no personal website, no academic listings. I was prepared to say that the original post lied about what he said, but I wasn’t expecting to find that he doesn’t exist!

  • lodrelhai

    Not only can I not find anything on Theodore Lachish, searches for “population science” bring up organizations and research in reducing cancer risks and improving the lives of cancer patients. Trying to google the statement is likewise fruitless.

    Anyone else tempted to head over to Meat for Men and ask for a source?

  • NeaDods

    It’ll have to be you; I’m about to head to work where they track my Internet.

  • mayarend

    The thing is, and that’s the scary part for them, the parts of the world having more babies and keeping our population growing is NOT full of white male christians. So, you see, they are “losing” by having less babies…

  • mayarend

    Also, anyone noticed how he hints to only gay people having a “lifestyle” that “cannot produce children” and in no way acknowledges that some people may not WANT them…

  • Holly

    So since Abraham and Sarah were quite elderly when their children were born and did not bear them in their youth all of their descendants are not considered arrows, correct?

  • Seems to me that when fundamentalists have quivers full of fundie children, they’re not creating an army for Christ – just the next generation of atheists, angry because they were treated as a means to an end in God’s name.