Quoting Quiverfull: Who is to Blame For Tornadoes?

Today is a random list of various ministries and others laying the blame for the recent Oklahoma tornadoes to all sorts of things.

Pat Robertson of “The 700 Club”

“If enough people were praying [God] would’ve intervened, you could pray, Jesus stilled the storm, you can still storms,”

“Why did you build houses where tornadoes were apt to happen?”

Fred Phelps Jr. of Westboro Baptist tweeted

“Ok Thunder’s Durant flips God by praising fag Collins. God smashes OK. You do the math. # GodH8sFags #FagsDoomsNations #FearGod #GodH8sU”

“God’s wonderful wrath in Oklahoma reminds me: #GodCursesUForFagMarriage #GodIsYourTerrorist #GodWillRepay #GodAvengesHisPeople #GodH8sU”

Not a religious org but a conservative commentator Alex Jones –

Alex Jones, the radio host of the conspiracy-oriented Alex Jones Show, is warning everyone that the government may be behind the deadly Oklahoma tornado

According to Media Matters, they have the power to use twisters as “weather weapons” and “can create and steer groups of tornadoes.”

The way to figure out if the current administration is behind the disaster is spotting helicopters and small planes in the sky in the windstorm area.

“If you saw that, y.ou better bet your bottom dollar they did this, but who knows if they did” he says.

The ladies of Ladies Against Feminism partner with Ken Ham to try to explain why things like the tornado happen and God’s role in it –

When a major tragedy captures global attention, there’s usually much discussion in the media concerning how such things can be understood in terms of a loving God. While some Christian leaders are asked for their response (and usually falter, sad to report), atheists will often chime in and claim that there can’t be a loving God because of such a horrible calamity.

Tragedies, of course, are not confined to today. It wasn’t too long ago when an evil regime wiped out six million Jews and many others. In addition to the headline events, each of us suffers pain at one time or another—illness, headaches, accidents, and eventually death. It’s not surprising when the burdens become too great, that people cry out to  God in anguish, “Why don’t you do anything? Don’t you care?”

The true history of death, as understood from a literal Genesis, actually enables us to recognize a loving Creator who hates death.

Edited to add in John Piper from Desiring God’s take on this

“My hope and prayer for Oklahoma is that the raw realism of Job’s losses will point us all to his God “compassionate and merciful.” Jam.5:11″

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  • mayarend

    And then there’s the woman who got asked “didn’t you thank God for surviving?” and she says “no, I’m an atheist…” 🙂 And yet, many people died praying.

  • Nightshade

    Back when we didn’t know what caused tornadoes it may have made sense that an event so horrific had to be the work of an angry deity, but now? Oklahoma is part of Tornado Alley, known for tornadoes…do we really need any more explanation than that?

  • KR Taylor

    You forgot John Piper’s now infamous tweet!

  • texcee

    Biggest load of bull cr*p ever. There is no diety causing tornadoes to swoop down and distribute divine wrath. Tornadoes are common, well understood natural weather phenomena caused by atmospheric humidity and cold dry upper air systems colliding and set spinning by the jet stream. The internal workings of supercell thunderstorms are complex, but so well studied that they can be reduced to logarithms and reproduced in computers. They are magnificant and frightening and fascinating and even beautiful, but it’s our own delusional thinking that calls them “Acts of God”.

  • texcee

    “The true history of death, as understood from a literal Genesis, actually enables us to recognize a loving Creator who hates death.”
    Second comment re the above statement: “A loving Creator who hates death”??? Are we reading the same book? The Old Testament is so blood drenched with horrific slaughter, genocide, capricious murder, and execution, all either performed by or directed by God, that my mind is reeling at this stupid, delusional statement!

  • persephone

    I asked one time in bible study why god didn’t just put Adam and Eve to death for breaking the law and start over, and skip all the billions of people suffering and dying to prove some point.

    I was told that it was to give all the people who came after a chance to live.
    I said that if we were never born then we would never know we missed our chance.

    I was then informed that this life was a gift from god and I was blessed to have it to serve him.

    Yeah, whatever.

  • Laura Turner

    Fred Phelps’ tweets blew me away. What hatred and anger a supposed man of God exudes, when God’s biggest calling for man is to love Him and love others. That means love EVERYONE–no matter what. Anyone in that church should turn and run from bigotry and hypocrisy like that!

  • Baby_Raptor

    Yup, thank the god who not only lets all these things happen without so much as a second thought, but created humanity purposely with the ability to do the “sins” that supposedly cause these horrible things. He let you live…don’t you feel so special and loved?

    I don’t even. I still cannot understand how anyone can look at the Christian god and see love.

  • I worked for a company that chose to close its facility in my state (which rarely has tornadoes) in favor of keeping its OK facility open. If I were really self-centered, I could say that was payback for the local job losses here.

    A personal reason can always be found if you stretch hard enough. But weather is what it is and so is Tornado Alley.

  • Nightshade

    And apparently everyone is born sinful, so we don’t even get the blank slate opportunity that Adam and Eve had.

  • texcee

    Isn’t prevarication wonderful?

  • Karen Goltz

    Silly me. All this time I was under the impression that it was the warm moist air coming in from the Gulf of Mexico combining with the cool dry air coming in from the Rockies that caused all the tornadoes in Tornado Alley.