Saturday News Links: June 22, 2013


Yahoo has an article listing which companies in the US have religion, mostly conservative Christianity, as part of their corporation culture. It’s a surprising list ––companies-you-might-not-know-are-religious-175228053.html?page=1

Whoopi Goldberg on “The View” just absolutely losing it, laughing so hard she can barely talk about the marketing team behind the new Superman film distributing Bible study materials and claiming that that Superman as played by Henry Cavill is a type of Christ archetype –

Little girl sells lemonade for peace across the street from Westboro Baptist and then things get weird –

The media finally discover the freakyness that is Christian Domestic Discipline and are shocked! Yawn –

Exodus International shut its doors this weekend and apologizes for all the harm the ministry has done to gays through the years. Who saw that coming? –

Josh Duggar gets a gig with the Family Research Council and moves his family to DC –

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  • Theo Darling

    WRT the closing of Exodus International: it’s not exactly that great. The apology has come under criticism for being contrived, planned ahead of time to coincide with big news and lots of media coverage, and basically for being a nonpology. The move to close the org itself is kind of meh; they’re turning right around and forming a brand new organization, and he said right out that he’s not sorry for continuing to believe that being gay is a sin.
    /party pooper

  • Baby_Raptor

    I read the interview he gave in the immediate aftermath of the announcement.

    He doesn’t really sound like his views have changed. And he couldn’t just honestly admit that he and his group had done harm; the one or two times he was forced to talk about it, he immediately added that the group had done “so much good” and focused on that instead of the harm that needs so badly to be addressed.

    So I’m not convinced that this is a Good Happening. I remain open to being shown the opposite however.

    You’re not alone in your party pooping, Theo.

  • aim2misbehave

    Superman has always been a sort of Christ archetype, though – granted, we see it that way because the society that produced the Superman comics is Judeo-Christian, but the whole “divine being sends his son down to earth to live among the humans and save and lead him” trope has been around for even longer than Christianity as an organized religion at least. (I’m not sure on my ancient culture timelines, my revisionist history book went and picked out all the dates so that nothing happened before 4000 BC)