Quoting Quiverfull: No Madrasahs and No Government Schools for Our Christian Children?

by Doug Phillips of Vision ForumEducation Choices are Not Neutral: The Implications of Islamic Madrasahs and Government Schools for Our Christian Children

The Bible is the Source of Authority on Education

In the great debate over Christian education, we must begin with the source of authority. It is the Bible. There is no other source. The Bible alone is the source for determining the presuppositions which drive our view of education. When it comes to education—there is no neutrality.

Of course, to say that there is not “one way” to educate children may be a correct statement. It really depends on what you mean by that. Within a biblical paradigm, there may be a diversity of Christ-honoring applications which are consistent with the biblical precepts, patterns, and principles. After all, the essence of wisdom is the ability to thoughtfully apply transcendent biblical truth to changing facts and circumstances. But to say that there is not “one way” to educate a child is not to say that all approaches are biblically lawful or wise.

The Core Problem with Government Education

One example of a biblically unlawful approach to Christian education is government schooling. The fact that, from a biblical perspective, the state should never be involved in the education of children to begin with is not my primary concern. Nor is the reason for my opposition to sending children of Christian parents to government schools rooted in my concerns over the poor teaching standards, the sexualized nature of the school culture, violence in the classroom, and the destructive nature of the youth culture and peer environment found in government schools. My principal objection is not even that the false theory of evolution permeates every academic discipline.

My primary concern is that these schools are religious institutions in opposition to Christ. These schools are either for Christ or against Him, and they most definitely are not for him (Matthew 12:3). They represent the discipleship program of a false religion. This religious bias permeates every part of the government school experience, including the content, the methodology, and the very culture of the government schools.

No Madrasahs and No Government Schools for Our Christian Children

No Christian parent who chooses to place their child in a Shiite Muslim madrasah school can argue that a high level of parental involvement justifies their decision. Nor does parental involvement in government education fix the core problem. In one sense it only exacerbates the problem by placing a Christian veneer on an act of parental abdication.

Sending our children to be discipled for 24,000 hours of their lives in academic temples of false gods is inconsistent with what the Bible says about the training of children. In the Bible, parents are positively commanded to teach their children to love and fear God

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  • Muslims? Why must it always be brought back to Muslims? What’s wrong with a a generic “other religion” comment?

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    Quiverfull boils down to racism against non-whites at its core. This is just more of their racism slant.

  • Madame

    “Nor does parental involvement in government education fix the core
    problem. In one sense it only exacerbates the problem by placing a
    Christian veneer on an act of parental abdication.”

    Oh dear, I’m guilty of abdicating my parental responsibility AND of exacerbating the problem!

  • Saraquill

    In the opening paragraph declaring the Bible to the One True Source on education, there’s nothing to back up the statement. Sigh.

  • We can’t learn things from the Bible that is not in there, and the Bible never speaks on who should teach children literacy, mathematics, or even potty training. It does tell parents to teach their children about God, but even then I can use several verses to show this task is not limited to parents.
    The Bible does not have even one verse about government schooling or home schooling (beyond teaching them about God, a task not limited to parents), for or against. As for Bible times practices, Jewish boys learned in a “church school”, the synagogue, in a group of boys. They were not mainly taught by parents, unless your father was the rabbi.