Quoting Quiverfull: Recipe For Misery?

by Nancy Campbell of Above Rubes – How to be Perfectly Miserable

(Editor’s note: This is a continued theme from yesterday’s Quoting Quiverfull)

Further thoughts on my post below:

(This recipe is guaranteed infallible).

Think about yourself,
Talk about yourself,
Use “I” as often as possible,
Mirror yourself continually in the opinion of others,
Listen greedily to what people say about you,
Expect to be appreciated,
Be suspicious,
Be jealous and envious,
Be sensitive to slights,
Never forgive a criticism,
Trust nobody but yourself,
Insist on consideration and respect,
Demand agreement with your own views on everything,
Sulk If people are not grateful to you for favors shown,
Never forget a service you may have rendered,
Be on the outlook for a good time for yourself,
Shirk your duties if you can,
Do as little as possible for others,
Love yourself supremely,
Be selfish!
~ Source unknown.

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  • Lolly

    So Nancy isn’t trying to be ironic here? One can find an assortment of at least 10 of these misery points in every single blog post of any given fundie follower, no matter the content or length of the post. Misery items 1-3 don’t count, as they are always present. These items act as the overarching theme of the post, and can be summarized as “LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME! See how righteous I am and how many kids i have???? You think too much, you’re doing it wrong, do what I do! I never have to really hear what you say because I know you’re wrong, I’m right, the response will always be ME!”

  • http://yllommormon.blogspot.com/ aletha

    Holy cow. I’ve been miserable my whole life and had no idea. I just thought that because people naturally like me, that it was because I had great things to say. I should have known that they were out to get me or steal my husband! Now that I think about it, there’s been times I’ve been hurt! Those jerks did it on purpose! And after everything nice I’ve done for them…Guess I’ll just stop trying to be nice and only be out for myself!
    Thank you, Nancy, for pointing out how much better my life would be if I just stopped caring about the thoughts of others. Now I have no qualms about manipulating others into doing my work.


  • mayarend

    “Think for yourself”
    “Insist on consideration and respect,”

    Oh no, not a cult. Nope.

  • Nightshade

    ‘Demand agreement with your own views on everything.’ Well, isn’t that the fundie mindset in a nutshell?

  • gimpi1

    Expect to be appreciated,
    Be suspicious,
    Be jealous and envious,
    Be sensitive to slights,
    Never forgive a criticism,
    Trust nobody but yourself,
    Insist on consideration and respect,
    Demand agreement with your own views on everything

    Fascinating! This describes most of the conversations I have had with fundamentalist Christians to a tee.

    Demand appreciation, check. Jealous, envious, oversensitive and unforgiving, check. Suspicious and untrusting of anyone not on the “approved” list (mostly generated by Fox News and such), check. Insisting on respect and consideration, while being disrespectful and inconsiderate to anyone not on that ole “approved” list, check. Demanding agreement with their views, BIG, BOLD CHECK!

    Then again, most of the folks I’m referring to are pretty miserable, both in the sense of being unhappy and in the sense of being hard to be around. And, worst of all, they feel that the fact that they are disliked because they are a pain is persecution rather than that they are just annoying, and most people prefer to avoid annoyance. This also makes them unhappy. A vicious cycle.