Saturday News Links – August 24, 2013

Christian family fed up with the immorality of the US gets a sailboat, inadequate supplies, packs up the children and tries to cross the Pacific Ocean to an island. It goes about like you think it would –

A dozen myths about women that go all the way back to the Dark Ages that are still prevalent in conservative Christian circles –

Kenneth Copeland’s vaccine-denying church is experiencing a measles outbreak. Instant karma’s getting him. –

Kevin Swanson of Generations Radio is claiming that the Boy Scouts are making up new merit badges for sin, such as cannibalism and sodomy –

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  • I did not follow the link to the second article, but if the article is about myths that go back to the dark ages, I am fairly certain it will be a-historical. Historians no longer speak of the dark ages, as ithey do not see the era as dark any more, considering current knowledge.

  • Hannah

    Reading it now, and you’re right. There’s so much bad info, and some of it it’s very easy to tell where the writer’s anti-church bias came through. The Catholic Church was largely responsible for many advances that came about in the Middle Ages, and we’re not talking “pray and be healed”. there were quite a few medical universities that sprung up at the time.

    Also, I wouldn’t go as far as saying “most” ancient societies were matrilineal. Plenty were, certainly, but hardly most. Greeks and Romans? Nope. Celts? Yes. Jews? No. Hindi/Indian peoples? No. Chinese? No. Native Americans? Some yes, some no. If he can’t even get this right, can’t say I trust his info on anything else.

  • Trollface McGee

    I love how he stands behind his “research” despite people pointing out that he’s wrong but fails to cite a single link or citation to silly stuff like facts.
    Not to say that ancient societies weren’t horribly misogynistic or scientifically misinformed but that is a sad and pathetic excuse of an article.