Laughter is the Best Medicine: T-Shirt Fail

I think Wal Mart needs to stop and rethink their pricing strategies just a bit. Was Satan in the store working the price list again?

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  • aim2misbehave

    I’m guessing this was a 1/3 of the price off for a $9.99 t-shirt? Either that or someone at that store really enjoys freaking out the more religious customers…

  • Kristen Rosser


  • Theo Darling

    This isn’t a fail, it’s a /win/.

  • Jayn

    Given that it’s WalMart, it was probably just a quirk of however they decide on prices to begin with.

    Personally, I was hoping this would be a picture of the “I don’t need common sense I have faith” shirts I’ve heard about.