Pastor Rapes Away the Gay and Gets By With It

Convicted Rapist Brent Girouex

by Bruce Gerencser cross posted from his blog The Way Forward

By now, we’ve all undoubtedly heard of and been outraged by a Montana judge sentencing a former teacher to a mere 30 days in prison for raping one of his female students. But have you heard of the Iowa youth pastor who is walking free after confessing to raping boys to “cure” them of homosexuality?

Well, that’s precisely what happened in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Brent Girouex, 31, was arrested on 60 counts of suspicion of sexual exploitation by a counselor or therapist.

According to KRMG in Oklahoma, Girouex confessed to police that he had sex with at least four youths, but eight more have since come forward claiming that they were also violated by the now former pastor of Victory Fellowship Church. (Girouex was arrested in 2011)

Girouex told detectives that his actions were meant to “help with homosexual urges by praying while he had sexual contact with [them]” in order to keep them “sexually pure” for God. He then allegedly told police that “when they would ejaculate, they would be getting rid of the evil thoughts in their mind.”

Victims say Girouex took them to his own home to violate them. It’s the same home Girouex’s wife and four children resided in.

You would think Girouex’s crimes would send him to prison for the rest of his life. Outrageously, that’s not the case. The judge in the case sentenced Girouex to 17 years in prison last week, and then immediately suspended the sentence in favor of sex offender treatment and five years probation. All Girouex has to do is avoid violating his probation and he’ll NEVER spend a single minute in a prison cell.

The victims and their families are understandably outraged. After all, Girouex raped boys repeatedly. One would think a court would throw the book at him instead of setting him free upon the community. Even his wife, Erin Girouex, thinks he should be sent to prison and doesn’t want her children anywhere near him.

This “rape away the gay” idea is nothing new. Last year, a radio personality told a father that he should have one of his male friends rape his daughter until she turns straight. This pastor was at the very least using it as an excuse to justify his pedophilia. If the pastor really does believe that’s what he was doing, then it’s a prime example of how hatred leads to insanity. Either way, it’s disgusting, and the judicial system has once again failed to do its job to protect the community and give justice to the victims. This kind of “punishment” only encourages rapists and pedophiles. Because courts are not taking rape and pedophilia seriously, more women and children are likely to be violated because the consequences of committing such crimes are slim to none. It’s just another sign of the worsening rape culture that has been running rampant in America.

Link to Victory Fellowship Church, Council Bluffs, Iowa (which, ironically, doesn’t know their Google description has been hijacked and says “Getting faxless payday cash they both very delicate Cash Loans Today Cash Loans Today personal need fast if there benefits. Fill out you up before payday…”

Excellent post on Truth Wins Out about this story and the church’s culpability in what happened

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  • texcee


  • Independent Thinker

    I hope two things happen in this case. First, Iowa needs to consider passing mandatory minimum sentences for convicted sex offenders. Second, who ever gave this sentence should be excused from the bench. I don’t know if you can vote a judge out of office in Iowa but if it’s possible it needs to happen. If the judges own children had been the four victims I doubt therapy and probation would have been the sentence given.

  • Retha Faurie

    The guy’s excuse is whacko-crazy.

    But my first impression was that facts were left out, like ages of the victims.

    Following links the things I find is this: His crime, the one time it is spelled out, was “suspicion of sexual exploitation by a counselor or therapist”.

    If it was non-consensual, some site would probably have said it, or said the charge was rape. If it was underage, some site would probably have said it too. But it seems, by what I can find around the net at a quick glance, that the charge was related to getting a young person who is not a minor to play along by abusing therapist/ patient trust.

    I am more aware than most of the problems of a sexual relationship between people who differ in power and level of dependence on the other, and find laws about couselor-patient/ teacher-student/ employer-employee relationships very sensible. But if his crime were as I suspect from all I read, it was “consensual” abuse of trust, which many in society tolerate in some contexts. (There are millions of people who get sex by winning the trust of partners, and abusing it.) If it actually was rape or sex with minors, then it should be reported that way and I will regard the suspended sentence as outrageous.

  • OK1

    His lenient sentence doesn’t come as a surprise to me after I read a book called “The God Virus.” There is a good explanation there of why his sentence ended up being what it is…

  • Trollface McGee

    I don’t like mandatory minimums for anything. Discretion, in the hands of normal judges is a great thing. It’s clear that this judge was acting inappropriately and should be disciplined as such. Seriously, I’ve seen normal judges give more time for traffic offences.
    I don’t get this case. Prosecutors agree to give him a deferred sentence (something that’s usually done with minor crimes not involving victims) for a sex offence? It seems like a failure by a lot of those involved to apply existing laws and guidelines and should be remedied as such.

  • Retha Faurie

    Trollface, it seems the offence he was accused of, from what I find on the Internet, was…

    >not rape

    >not anything with minors.

    > sexual exploitation by a counselor or therapist
    If he slept with young adults, if the word “boys” here is sensationalism, if it was males who said yes to it, but he should not have done it because he was in a position of trust as a counselor to them, the exact circumstances could make this either jail-worthy or merely don’t-do-it-again-and-go-for-therapy worthy.

  • Trollface McGee

    He was charged with 60 counts, and convicted or pleaded to multiple counts because the least you can get under that statute is one year in jail, he got 17 years suspended.
    And that’s only if he was convicted or pleaded to the lesser charge in that statute (709.15 4(c)). The other charges in that statute are felonies or aggravated misdemeanors that carry significantly more time.
    17 years suspended for multiple counts with multiple victims under a sexual assault statute of any kind is very unusual.