Quoting Quiverfull: Always Multiply?

by Nancy Campbell of Above Rubies – Live and Multiply

Why does God give us life? To LIVE! To enjoy life and to experience fellowship with Him. But, also to continue life. God’s wondrous plan is that He doesn’t create us to be end with ourselves, but to carry on life. To pass on something of who we are. How amazing.

God states in Deuteronomy 8:1, “All the commandments which I command thee this day shall ye observe to do, that ye may LIVE, AND MULTIPLY.” I wrote these words in my journal in response to this Scripture… What is our purpose for living? To multiply! God doesn’t give us life to be sterile, but to continue bringing forth more life! We were created a life-giving creature. The first woman was called, Eve, meaning LIFE-GIVER. To receive life from God and not be a life-giver is sad and selfish.

Let’s look again at what God said. He didn’t tell us to be stingy about continuing life, but to MULTIPLY! That’s the heart of God. Now, please don’t react and get mad at me, because I didn’t say those words. God did.

Why don’t we just get in line with God and His plan? It’s the best! Man’s ways lead nowhere. God’s ways lead to life. And we’ll be in the perfect will of God.

And you are allowed to say, Amen!

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  • AlisonCummins

    The New Testament doesn’t either say or model that. It says that marriage is second-best and often undesirable. That family ties are often incompatible with following Jesus and need to be abandoned. And how can you be Mary if you’re tied up with housework like Martha?

  • Donsie

    There’s more life on this planet than human babies. The more of those we keep on making the more the other life on this planet suffers and slips away. This sort of Christian doesn’t seem to care about all that other (non-human) life their god created and how a planet overrun with people hurts it.

  • texcee

    Human beings have multiplied until this planet can barely support them. I don’t mean just food, but also energy sources. Entire areas have been denuded and turned to desert as people cut down trees to use as fuel. Their animals have eaten any greenery down to bare soil, leaving nothing but sand. Wars have erupted in poorer parts of the world as people fight over limited resources. Other people are depleting natural resources for their own survival and enrichment (not necessarily the same thing). The seas are being overfished to the point that many species are on the edge of extinction. Other species of animals are being killed indicriminately for body parts that are sold to support superstitious beliefs in their “powers” or for food. Our climate is changing from the actions of human beings to the point that polar ice is melting and sea levels rising, while our air quality worldwide is deteriorating. “Be bountiful and multiply”? We are killing ourselves as a species because we have multiplied!

  • http://biblicalpersonhood.wordpress.com/ Retha Faurie

    Sorry to be off-topic, but there is an annoying pop-up message that constantly appears on the bottom of my screen when I visit No Longer Quivering. “Do you want to open or save analytics.js from a.sitemeter.com? Googling tells me it is a bug that appeared on many sites the past few days for IE users, nobody knows a cure yet as far as I can see.
    If any of you find a solution, please tell the rest of us too.

  • http://biblicalpersonhood.wordpress.com/ Retha Faurie

    Deuteronomy 8:1, “All the commandments which I command thee this day shall ye observe to do, that ye may LIVE, AND MULTIPLY.”
    The commands in Deuteronomy were given so the Israelites could multiply. I am sure Nancy does not follow the ritual law of Deuteronomy, so if I were a literalist I’d have said that she don’t care about God’s heart for multiplication as she don’t do the things God said to do so they could multiply.

    (She cherry-picked what she liked: multiply – and forgot the part she does not: The Deuteronomy commands.)

  • Joy

    I don’t get a pop-up but I don’t use Internet Explorer. Try using a different browser, like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

  • MyOwnPerson

    “Don’t get mad at me! Get mad at God!” fwa fwa fwa

  • lodrelhai

    So then God has automatically rejected and abandoned those who can’t have children, or have a miscarriage, or die during pregnancy or childbirth?

  • NeaDods

    There’s no actual logical argument being made. There’s a lot of thrilled adjectives, a singe out-of-context quote, and the implication that if you don’t interpret one word in the same manner as the writer, you’re “mad at God.” Multiply, in the phrase used, could just as arguably mean “stop at 3 kids” – that would still be more than the original two parents without being quiverful.

  • Trollface McGee

    It’s like I said in another thread – if we measure success by procreation, then rabbits are truly God’s chosen creatures (except for the white ones, with the sharp, pointy teeth)

  • http://yllommormon.blogspot.com/ aletha

    It’s only a bunny!

  • Trollface McGee

    Don’t be fooled, that’s the most foul, cruel, and bad-tempered
    rodent you ever set eyes on.

  • Kristen Rosser

    When you’re a small tribe in a strange and hostile land, multiplying is definitely a sign of God’s favor. Multiplying, for us now, really doesn’t mean quite the same thing.

  • Madame

    Nancy says: “God doesn’t give us life to be sterile, but to continue bringing forth more life! We were created a life-giving creature”
    And I agree.
    I agree that life is not about turning around ourselves all the time, doing only what pleases us and ignoring everyone else. We can give life by saving a life, creating jobs, helping others get back on their feet, fighting for justice, etc…
    QF people seem to have little empathy or concern for the real problems people face in the 21st century. They think that having babies every year and isolating themselves from everyone else is the solution to everything.

    If they truly want to make a change, they should be looking a what Jesus said about justice, mercy and love. True christians, as in, people who follow Jesus and are willing to get dirty or suffer some discomfort to show others that the God they believe in cares for them, aren’t half as concerned with reproduction, homeschooling and gender roles. That’s all distracting from the purpose I think Jesus laid out in the New Testament.

    Jesus calls himself the way, the truth and the life. There’s no record in the Bible of him having children. Jesus says he came to give life, but he didn’t go around making every woman he saw über-fertile. There must be a different meaning to “life” and “giving life” than just “reproducing”.

  • http://biblicalpersonhood.wordpress.com/ Retha Faurie

    A-men! I wish I could press “like” more than once. God made us – male and female – life giving creatures. But in the New Testament, the meaning of that is way bigger than having babies, and much less isolated than home schooling.

  • mayarend

    Ah, no, God didn’t. These people did, because they probably didn’t pray hard enough, according to these kind of people. gah.

  • texcee

    Bring up the Holy Handgrenade of Antioch!

  • texcee

    I question that the Israelites were a “small tribe”. Go read Exodus closely and then check out Numbers on the census of how many people were wandering around the wilderness with Moses. There were hundreds of thousands of men from the Twelve Tribes and that wasn’t counting women, children, slaves and hangers-on. They were also extremely wealthy in material goods and livestock. This was not a small group of released slaves picking up manna every morning. This was a huge group moving like locusts over the land and invading other territories to take those lands of plenty for themselves, and expelling or exterminating the existing inhabitants in the process. It’s not a pretty tale.