Quoting Quiverfull: When Are You ‘Saved’?

by Zsuzsanna Anderson from Are They All Yours? – Q & A Answers Part 2

I’ve always wondered about children getting saved. I’ve heard many stories about people who thought they were saved when they were young, only to find out they were wrong. But, at the same time, I wouldn’t want a child to grow up doubting his salvation just because he was young. How do you know a child has grasped the gospel?

Great question! I think where a lot of the confusion comes from is that there are many who, on the one hand, teach salvation by grace through faith alone, not works, even as they talk about how one must turn from their sins in order to be saved, or at least be willing to. This is often falsely referred to as “repentance.” While repenting of sins is something every Christian should always strive to do, and while repenting of unbelief or false religion is an integral part of getting saved, it is heresy to say that one cannot be saved unless they give up XYZ the sin.

Others teach that if one is truly saved, there will be tears, crying, and strong emotions. I read the testimony of the wife of a missionary a few years back who had grown up in church her whole life, but as an adult for many years still struggled with doubting her salvation, because she agonized over not having gotten saved with enough feeling or sincerity. Not until she had asked Jesus to save her, while feeling completely broken (I am paraphrasing), was she sure of her salvation. To be sure, she had understood all along that salvation was through believing on Jesus, and she DID believe on Him. My take is that she was either saved all along, or that if she thought she had to add a certain amount of emotion and tears in order to truly be saved, she still is not saved because she must not understand that believing/faith is ALL it takes.
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