Sunday Shout Out: Does Falling in Love Really Involve Lust?

Today’s question is from the earlier posting – You Can Fall in Lust But Not Love?

Does falling in love always involve a level of lust? Love at first sight is chemical and filled with lust?

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  • Saraquill

    If falling in love with my chosen major in college had an element of lust to it, that would have made my college days quite awkward.

  • Hannah

    I’ll be honest, I don’t personally believe in “love at first site”. That’s attraction, but I wouldn’t call it “love” until you actually know the person for who they are.

    As for falling in love, if you’re not attracted to a person then you are not right for each other. Quiverfullers would call it “lust”, but then again, liking holding hands can be lust to them, so they and I are working from different definitions. So by their definition, yes, it involves lust. By my definition, it involves attraction. Yes, sexual attraction. That doesn’t necessarily have to be lust. If you don’t have that before the wedding, you won’t have it after either, and I can’t imagine a happy marriage in this scenario.