Laughter Is Good Medicine: Five Degrees

Have you ever played the game  “Five Degrees of Separation?” You link very different things together in five quick steps, like this below.

How do you link Nancy Campbell to Katy Perry in five easy steps?



1. Nancy Campbell

Step 1 – Nancy Campbell – founder of Above Rubies Magazine, Quiverfull darling and all around buzz kill for anything involving free thought and independence for women.

Wes Campbell – one of the fruits of Nancy Campbell’s strangely unQuiverfull loins.

Step 2 – Nancy Campbell’s son is Wes Campbell, Christian Music honcho with CCM and InPop.

The Newsboys – Too old to be a boy band and has ever changing membership lineup

Step 3 – Wes discovered The Newsboys, a Christian band in Australia that he’s repped for over twenty years now.

Phil Joel – Llama-haired and ‘the cute one’

Step 4 – Phil Joel of The Newsboys did a tour once he went solo with another CCM singer named Katy Hudson.

It’s a sure bet Nancy would not approve of such shenanigans and costumes now.

Step 5 – Which was the name Katy Perry used back when she was a Christian artist.

Thanks Mr. Stollar for the idea!

Comments open below

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