Quoting Quiverfull: Protect Your Womb?

by Nancy Campbell of Above Rubies – Protect Your Womb!

Satan hates the womb. He knew that the Messiah, the Savior of the world, would come through the womb of a woman, the one who would destroy his head. He knows it is through the womb of the woman that the “godly seed” still comes to destroy his works. Satan comes to “steal, kill and destroy.” His attack is upon the womb through a number of areas:

1.    Abortion where human beings, created in the image of God in the secret place of the womb, are cruelly torn apart limb by limb or slowly burned alive.

2.    The Pill and IUD. Did you know that both the Pill and the IUD are abortifacients? Did you know that more babies are killed in the womb through the IUD and the Pill than the holocaust of abortion? Your doctor doesn’t tell you this. Your pastor or minister doesn’t tell you this. Thus, many God-fearing people are ignorantly aborting their own babies. The womb, which is a sanctuary to nurture and protect life has become an extermination camp. Satan is having a heyday! For more detailed information on this matter, read Be Fruitful and Multiply which you can order through  www.aboverubies.org

3.    Permanent contraception such as Tubal ligations where the barren womb is denied the life it was created to nurture. When we decide on permanent contraception such as tubal ligation we are actually saying, “God, I don’t appreciate the way you made me. You did the wrong thing when you gave me a womb. It doesn’t suit my present lifestyle so I will make sure it can’t be used.” Now, I know that most women don’t say those words as they go for a tubal ligation. Most women do it in ignorance. They have been advised (often by pastors) that this is the most convenient way to go. But if we take time to think about it and are really honest, this is the bottom line of what we are doing. The womb never says, “It is enough” Proverbs 30:15-16. God has created the womb to yearn for life. Mothers who are unable to conceive experience the heartache of the truth of this scripture. I am constantly receiving letters from women who have had a tubal ligation, but now a few years later, their wombs are crying out again, and they long for another child. The truth of God’s Word is eternal and true. When we go against it, we do so to our own hurt.

4.    Drugs and the curse of sicknesses upon our reproductive organs.

5.    Unnecessary hysterectomies. Nearly one million hysterectomies are performed every year in the USA, one every 30 seconds. Only 4.7 per cent of these are necessary surgeries! All others could have been prevented by alternative surgery. Sixty per cent of these operations are performed on women under 44 years, women of child-bearing age. Most disorders of the womb can be repaired without a full hysterectomy. Only cancer or emergencies should necessitate such radical surgery. If you are recommended a hysterectomy, please seek a number of other opinions before making your decision. Protect your womb.

6.   Curses. The sins of the parents from past generations can bring a curse upon the womb. It can also come upon us through our own sin or negative confession. We should be careful not to speak negatively about any of our reproductive organs. Guard how you speak about menstruation. When you call it “the curse” or other negative names, you give an opportunity for the curse of barrenness or other disorders to come to your womb. A curse on the womb can be a failure to menstruate, painful or irregular menstruation, cramps, cysts, tumors, continual miscarriage and inability to conceive–in fact, anything that affects your reproductive organs. Now please don’t get me wrong. I am not saying, that if you have one of these disorders that it is because of a curse. There are often other factors involved. But it could be a possibility. If you feel this is the case, you may like to pray this prayer:

“Dear Father, I come to you in Jesus” name. I confess I have not received my womb as a gift from You. I have ignored the power of my womb and my womanly functions. I repent. Please forgive me and cleanse me in Jesus” name.

Lord, I accept my womb as a gift from You. I accept the way You created me. I embrace it. I want to fulfill Your purposes for me as a woman.

In the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ, I renounce all negative words, even jokingly, that I have spoken about my womb, about menstruation, about pregnancy and about my womanly functions. I renounce any curse that has been placed upon my womb or reproductive organs from my parents, grandparents or great grandparents on both sides of my family.

I ask that You will  now cleanse my womb and cover it with your blessing.

I receive your blessing in the name of Jesus. Amen.”

7.   Ignorance. Interestingly, as I have talked with mothers about this subject, many of them have shared with me that “ignorance” has been their biggest problem. “No one has ever informed me!” is their constant cry. The deceiver of our souls has effectively kept us ignorant about the power of our womb.

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  • Madame

    This woman is an idolater!

    The Bible doesn’t say “guard/protect your womb”, it says to “guard your heart”.

    Yes, most women want to have children, but I don’t believe it’s their wombs crying out for a baby. Sheesh!
    Sure, if I was told I needed a hysterectomy, I’d get a second opinion, but not because I wanted to “guard my womb”, but because I don’t want to have to go through the hormonal upheaval that a hysterectomy would cause unless it were necessary.

    And shame on her, picking on women who dare say something less than positive about her montly “womanly function”. It can be a nuisance, and most people don’t understand that it can put you in bed for days, and for most women it’s bothersome to some extent.

    Poor women who listen to her. To think she’s having them pray “curses” off their womb at such a painful time! Disgusting.

  • Trollface McGee

    My womb is my own. Yes, I want to protect it – from people without medical degrees who, nevertheless, think they have a right to tell me what I need to do with my lady bits
    It is beyond disgusting to tell people to avoid seeking medical care. Sickness isn’t a curse, it isn’t something you pray away.
    The only one I agree with is #7. Ignorance of women’s reproductive health is a very significant problem, though I’m sure Nancy would love to see more of that sort of ignorance.

  • Saraquill

    I want citations for these “facts” she keeps saying. Something makes me say that they’re not from peer reviewed medical journals.

  • http://biblicalpersonhood.wordpress.com/ Retha Faurie

    “. When we decide on permanent contraception such as tubal ligation we are actually saying, “God, I don’t appreciate the way you made me. You did the wrong thing when you gave me a womb. It doesn’t suit my present lifestyle so I will make sure it can’t be used.” ” – Nancy Campbell

    Are these arguments similar?:

    1) When one of our children is born with a cleft palate, and we decide on surgery to fix it we are actually saying, “God, I don’t appreciate the way you made my daughter. You did the wrong thing when you gave her a cleft palate.”

    Or perhaps:

    2) When a Christian teen boy chooses to remain celibate untill marriage, he is actually saying, “God, I don’t appreciate the way you made me. You did the wrong thing when you gave me apenis. It doesn’t suit my present lifestyle so I won’t use it.”
    All I know is, I won’t complain about any of these people not using what God gave/ not keeping things the way God made them.

  • http://biblicalpersonhood.wordpress.com/ Retha Faurie

    “The womb never says, “It is enough” Proverbs 30:15-16. God has created the womb to yearn for life.” – Nancy Campbell

    To use this as a statement why no birth control should be used is really out of context:

    ” Pro 30:15 The horseleach hath two daughters, crying, Give, give. There are three things that are never satisfied, yea, four things say not, It is enough:

    Pro 30:16 The grave; and the barren womb; the earth that is not filled with water; and the fire that saith not, It is enough.”
    Firstly, this is a statement of how things is, not a command on how God wants them. Secondly, it speaks of barren wombs that don’t say “zero children are enough”, not of mothers being satisfied with 1/2/3/4 children. And the text does not say God created the womb to yearn for children even after the fifth child and after menopause, only that the Proverbs writer saw all childless women he knew of yearning.

  • Joy

    Wow. As someone who has been on the pill, had an IUD, a tubal ligation, endometriosis, and a hysterectomy, I guess I’m doomed to hell!

    And Nancy, don’t you dare tell me my hysterectomy wasn’t necessary. It was either that, or be on prescription strength painkillers every month. Even if I wouldn’t have had the hysterectomy, I was still unable to have children due to the scarring from the endometriosis. It is a horrible condition that no woman should have to endure.

  • Kristen Rosser

    Yes, it’s really kind of astonishing the way Proverbs 30:16 is twisted there. A barren womb is not the same thing as any womb.

    Also, Genesis 3 says nothing about there being emnity between the serpent and the womb. It says the emnity is between the serpent and the woman, and his offspring and hers. Women are not just wombs.

  • NeaDods

    The womb never says, “It is enough”

    Someone needs to look up the meanings of “prolapsed uterus” and “uterine rupture.”

    In fact, in an essay that’s so much about how it’s important to pick your words carefully, why not use the word uterus? That’s what it’s called. “Womb” is a euphemism, not a medical term.

  • Baby_Raptor

    I’ve had a medically necessary abortion. I don’t remember any fire being involved. In fact, that’s got to be the most outlandish lie I’ve heard the pr-forced birth crowd tell…How would that even work?

    And of course we have the same tired “contraception murders snowflake babies!” lie again.

  • Baby_Raptor

    Nah. God could still totally make you pregnant and give you a 100% trouble free birth if he wanted to!

  • Nightshade

    ‘Only 4.7 per cent of (hysterectomies) are necessary surgeries.’ Sez who? And even if the source is quoted there is considerable controversy in the medical field regarding how many actually are necessary, so what gives her the right to declare 4.7 as the ‘right’ number?

  • NeaDods

    What’s sick and creepy is that I’ve seen this said for real. By someone who was claiming that it was totally possible to have a healthy birth from ectopic pregnancies, and even a pregnancy that she claimed had managed to attach somehow to the bladder!

  • Baby_Raptor

    …I don’t think your conversation partner understands what an ectopic pregnancy is.

  • NeaDods

    More that she didn’t care; this was one of those “abortion is totally wrong in absolutely any circumstance whatsoever; God will totes work miracles regardless of what the doctors say.”

  • Nightshade

    Except he doesn’t work those miracles, which should give these people a hint that maybe, just mayyyyyybe the way they’re seeing it might not be 100% accurate.

  • Baby_Raptor

    I’d have asked her if she’s have taken that stance were she diagnosed with a tubal ectopic pregnancy. You know, the ones that are most likely to kill.

  • Madame

    Well, ya know, she calls us “womb-men”….

  • Nightshade

    Me too, including ‘guard how you speak about menstruation. When you call it “the curse” or
    other negative names, you give an opportunity for the curse of
    barrennes’…disliking the monthly cycle as contraception? Whodathunkit? I wonder what carefully controlled medical study revealed that little gem of knowledge?

  • NeaDods

    Presumably start talking about bowing to God’s Will. That seems to be the last line of defense. We can’t understand it, but God is perfect! (Something that shows up a lot in the quoting quiverfull quotes, actually)

  • persephone

    Does anyone know why Nancy only had six children?

  • Kristen Rosser

    Yeah, which has nothing whatsoever to do with the etymological meaning of the word either in English or in koine Greek. *headdesk*

  • lodrelhai

    If speaking negatively about menstruation actually worked as a contraceptive, there would be no teen pregnancy, and very little pregnancy at all.

    Seriously, the only people I have ever spoken to who were happy about a period were the ones who were worried they might be pregnant.

  • http://yllommormon.blogspot.com/ aletha

    I’m guarding my womb. From sperm that want to fertilize eggs that will take me off my bipolar meds. From a pregnancy that will send my hormones and emotions into crazy-bad places. From babies that I am not temperamentally equipped to deal with.
    Ironically, I guard my womb by my husband’s vasectomy. :)

  • Madame