Quoting Quiverfull: Sex Ed Classes Are Wrong?

Zsuzsanna Anderson, wife of Steve L. Anderson, from her blog Are They All Yours?!?? She is speaking of a sex ed class given to engaged young women at First Baptist Church/Hyles-Anderson College.

In all the years at the college, I only attended one class there. It was taught by Dr. Creeper Streeter himself, and open only to the engaged young college ladies getting married at the church in the near future. At the time, I of course was the married mother of three. This secretive meeting aroused enough suspicions in us that we felt it might be interesting for me to sneak in there incognito, wired with a hidden recorder and all. Through dumb luck, I got through the matron nurses checking names at the door. I mean, even the windows had been completely blacked out by heavy fabric.

The meeting was all about graphic sex ed complete with a blown up crotch shot of a naked woman, the good doctor pushing birth control pills and insisting they do not cause silent abortions (the first batch was practically free, and I am sure it had nothing to do with the accompanying pelvic exam he had to perform in order to give them out), and urging young virgins to come see him at his office before their wedding night, as they would not be able to consummate the marriage with their husband if he did not surgically assist in ridding them off their virginity first. As a married woman who had thrice given birth, the graphic and obscene nature of this “class” made me blush and shrink back into my chair. One of these days, I will need to make the tape from that meeting public. This is the same college physician that divorced his wife after getting one of the nurses pregnant, which neither cost him his position nor his clinic at the college.

How did I get off on this tangent? This was the same doctor that was to come and look over my baby John, to see if he was indeed legitimately indisposed of the nursery. We were not going to let the creep anywhere near the baby if it had come to a showdown, but we were glad that the whole thing was averted through an act of God. 

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