Quoting Quiverfull: Women All Want Strings Attached?

by Ross Douthat posted at Ladies Against Feminism and The National Review – Feminist Pioneers Out to Destroy Your Daughters

[R]ecent generations of women have been ill served by feminism’s embrace of the sexual revolution. Feminists posited that women and men were identical in their sexuality, and that only an absurd double standard had required men to treat women respectfully.

When modern feminism debuted in the 1960s, it didn’t just urge women to be like men. It encouraged them to be like the worst men — carelessly promiscuous, vulgar, and selfish. Some men treated women as disposable pleasure vessels. Feminists regarded this not as a disgrace but as a challenge. Women who behaved the same way toward men were hailed as feminist pioneers.

Most women don’t want what the worst men have always wanted — sex with no strings attached. Women are all about strings. They want intimacy, tenderness, and commitment — all of which have been placed further out of reach by feminism’s conquest of the culture.

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