Quoting Quiverfull: That ‘Thing’ For Reindeers?

by Kevin Swanson from Generations With Vision – Discernment and Disney’s “Frozen”

(Editors note: Although we have covered “Frozen” and all the messages Swanson sees in the film before this is the one where he sees bestiality…out of the abundance of the heart.. well. you know..)

I have taken a great deal of criticism for my criticism of the Disney movie, Frozen.  While the heavily-adapted Hans Christian Andersen story may have some merit, let me say it is possible to ruin a film by a single scene and a single line.

I have called parents to a high level of discernment when it comes to the things their children watch, and the same thing applies to me.

I haven’t called for a boycott of Disney, but I’m not a big fan of an organization that denies funding for the Boy Scouts in that they have not done enough for the homosexual agenda.   I don’t think anybody’s debating that Disney is one of the most pro-homosexual media organizations in the country.
Especially problematic in Frozen, are the lyrics to “Fixer Upper.” Speaking of Kristoff, the trolls tell us,

“So he’s a bit of a fixer upper
So he’s got a few flaws
His peculiar brain, dear, his thing for the reindeer
That’s outside a few of nature’s laws. ..”

If it is a double entendre, I’m not sure what the “other” rendering would be.  An adult with an average intelligence would take unnatural relations with a reindeer to be. . .well. . . unnatural relations with a reindeer.  To violate nature’s laws in regards to a relationship with a reindeer is typically rendered as something you’ll find in Lev. 18:23.

While most children would not understand these lyrics, as they grow older they would come to realize the obvious meaning of phrases (found in their favorite movies). This then becomes part of the narrative in which they are raised.

I take the position that the light treatment of an abominable sin like this in a child’s film (however brief), is inappropriate.  I would be similarly offended to watch 5-second nude scene tucked into a Veggie Tales feature.

Wherever our readers come down on the sin of unnatural relations with reindeer, I hope we can agree on one thing:

As parents we need to be discerning with the stuff our children watch.

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