Quoting Quiverfull: The Unmarried Are Always Under the Headship of Their Fathers?

by Suzannah Rowntree at Ladies Against Feminism – Unmarried Women and the Things of the Lord

This verse does not command us how things are supposed to be. Rather it describes a tendency, a weakness, among married women to please their husbands above God. The same tendency does not apply as strongly to unmarried women, even in their own families, but if it does, the Lord still tells us we must “hate” our parents and siblings.

Taking this verse as an instruction turns it into a parody of itself. We need to realise that neither marriage nor service at home should be distractions from “the things of the Lord” but powerful means of serving the Kingdom. Were the daughters of Shallum caring for the things of God, or for the things of their father? Both.

The Lord’s heart for unmarried women, communicated again and again in Scripture, is to see them in their homes where possible, under the headship and provision of their fathers, serving and working. These are “the things of the Lord” for us.

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