Quoting Quiverfull: Birth Control Destroying Country?

This is one of the images that comes up when you Google “Whoredom”

by Steven L. Anderson, pastor of Faithful Word Baptist Church, at Raw Story – AZ Pastor: Childless women on birth control have destroyed the U. S. with ‘Whoredom’

“Not only does birth control do damage to women, it hurts their body if they’re using the pills. And it also affects their character, causing them to be an idle, tattler, gossip, turning aside after Satan,” he insisted.

Women would “get into sin” if they were not “busy” raising children, Anderson said.

Anderson noted that Annette Funicello, a star of the Mickey Mouse Club in the 1950s, had promoted birth control for a 1960s-era advertisement. At one point, he even began to sing “fornicate with me” to the tune of the Mickey Mouse Club March theme song.

“It promotes promiscuity, it promotes whoredom!” he advised, reading from the Bible: “Do not prostitute thy daughter to cause her to be a whore, lest the land fall to whoredom and the land become full of wickedness!”

“A land can call to whoredom!” he exclaimed. “And the United States today, fits that bill. If anybody has ever fit that bill, it’s the United States of America.”

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